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New Places

New Places

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Cheong Li Anne
Cheong Li Anne

The poke bowl was very satifying. Nice mix of guac coupled with the spice from the kimchi. Salmon was juicy and fresh. They allow for costomization (e.g. no carb options). Will be back again!


This is a great find! Simple short menu. They do it very simply but they do it really well. Falefal are crisp, fried upon order. Pita bread freshly baked daily. My personal preference is for a chunky hummus but this still hits the spot. I'm not gonna say it's as good as the ones in the middle east (can't compare to pita baked in a stone oven) but this is probably as close as it gets locally.

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They look pretty.. but our conclusion was that a Starbucks cake would be better. Its an ok cake and forgetable cake. won't pay more than 6 for this. The only saving grace is the 1 for 1 on burpple beyond.

These pizzas are amazing.. simple no fancy toppings. It's all about the sourdough crust here. Absolutely will eat the crust on its own perhaps with a little oil and balsamic.. I don't think I had had anything this good for a sub $20 price point. Asked the very humble owner Lionel if he considered increasing (presently priced at a very economical $12) and he response was "I'm just a hawker, as long as my customers are happy and I'm making a living, I'm good".

Had the Mexican lagsane (which includes beans and olives layered with tortilla) very heart meal and fills you up well. The ricotta spinach ravioli was really yummy. Well balanced dish and not too heavy. Well worth it for with burpple one for one. I won't consider it a healthy option given the cheese but good for a change!

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No food pics this time round. but I absolutely love this bottle opener at the cashier. Been here a couple times now. Food is great! Had the ikan bakar with sambal. Simple dish of grilled fish done perfectly. Chicken curry packs a punch. Had the squid and curry chap chai previously which were really good as well. reasonably priced (even without the burpple discount very happy to pay 15 per main) love the homeliness of the place and I never say no to brewerks on the tap. As someone who gets peranakan food readily at home, its won't be easy to get me to eat someone elses ayam buakalat but will certainly be back here for more!

The standard of the food has dropped since the last time I came. Had the beef cheeks, ribs focaccia and cheese plate to share. Meat was insufficiently seasoned, balsamic served with bread could have been of a higher quality. I would likely stick to having drinks and sides next time I come. Didn't have pasta this time round but I hope its still as good as it was previously.

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