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Rachel Q
Rachel Q

Damn worth with burpple. Sauce was great. Great and filling dish, shareable. Chicken had nice flavour. Probably one of the best in their menu

Not on burpple one for one, only the $13 and less sobas were eligible. Honestly was disappointed with this bowl because the other reviews said it was very nice; however, the salmon was tough and lacked flavour and the soup was mediocre. The service staff was not very friendly either. The only thing that cheered me up is the Japanese (?) owner who was very cheerful and smiley. Maybe I came on a bad day. Come try for yourself. It’s decent if you’re looking for a simple soba after work, but nothing legendary.

Fantastic two dishes! Carbonara was amazing but recommend sharing because it can get quite filling. The beef stew was well marinated and flavourful. Great stuff here, worth a try!

Tasty dish, light on the palette. The salmon was a wonderful texture.

All the tacos were outstanding. Favourites were the pork belly and fish tacos. Come here at least once to experience mind blowing fusion food :) the drinks were great, very big portion so order wisely

The dry ramen was amazing! Loved the generous amount of spring onions. With burpple beyond, it was such a satisfying meal, taste wise and wallet wise 🤪 don’t forget to upsize your noodles for free, and drizzle the chili oil and vinegar 😛

Must try! Loved this the most out of all we ordered. Warm crispy rosti with yummy sour cream and savoury side of beef. Satisfying 10/10

Slightly spicy and tangy pasta. Generous portion. This place is amazing, affordable but quality food :)

Homey wholesome pasta! Wiped clean very soon. Won’t go wrong with this one!

Delicious dish with sparks of unique flavour. Every component down to the onions was nicely done. Didn’t want the dish to end :( this place is doing their food right! Ordered with burpple beyond 1 for 1! Super worth! Underrated but amazing food here

Burpple Beyond deal! It’s exactly what you’d expect- warm, crunchy toast, with velvety egg and delicious meat with every bite. The beef teriyaki was a terrific choice- it even comes with an egg. (so good, I forgot to take photo first, pardon the half eaten picture) However, this is a messy eating experience- don’t get this if you’re on a date, get it when you’re with a friend so you can laugh about how silly each other looks with egg and grease smeared over your mouths. I liked the toast - great flavourful bread with a light crunch! Tips for improvement: Egg Stop if you’re reading this: perhaps give us complimentary napkins or plastic gloves. Or have an eat in area or table where people can consume their toasts there fast and conveniently. But overall, the toast itself is amazing af

Soft shell crab was wonderfully crispy and tasty. Creamy pasta with a light tinge of salted egg was a delectable match to the crab. Slightly spicy, be careful of biting directly into the small chilis in the pasta, otherwise the chili adds a sweet kick to the meal. Good choice :)


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