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Everything Else

Everything Else

Sugar, Spice & Everything nice 😝 I try to make puns whenever I can ✌🏻
Elyssa Yip
Elyssa Yip
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Was so excited to have this dish since it's my all time fav - mala! However the fries lack of mala taste and i LOKKEE (low key) wished that it can be spicier πŸ˜† But I guess a good news to those who can't take spicy. This is like the introduction to the mala world. The fries was good, I quite like it. Good snacks while waiting for other food to be prepared.

Ordered 3 burgers from Shake Shack: ShackBurger Single [$9.20], SmokeShack Single [$10.90] & 'Shroom Burger [$10.80]. My favourite will be the ShackBurger - would say it's a pretty decent cheeseburger. Beef patty is nice etc. The SmokeShack has the applewood smoked bacon which makes the burger slightly towards the salty side. Which is my 2nd favourite among the 3. My least favourite will be the Shroom Burger. Don't really like fried stuff to be in between my burger. But I must say the mushroom is quite juicy despite being fried. The buns are soft and has a buttery taste to it. However the burges are unBURGERlievable small. And it's really expensive. The price doesn't come with fries nor drink. And the Classic Hand-Spun Shake (chocolate) [$6.90] is very sweet ☹ thank goodness I didn't have to queue for it if not I will feel that it's quite waste of my time.

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Love the brioche buns - they are soft yet crispy and also there's a buttery taste to it. The beef patty is thick and juicy, it goes so well with the (overflowing) melted cheese. I know it may sound a little CHEESY but I love those cheese man! Give me more more more!! Anyway the beef patty is cooked medium! Would say the burger steal the show and the fries are just pretty normal at the side πŸ˜‚ Definitely worth its price. The cafe is quite retro too and love how they decorate the whole place. Would think it's a good place to chill and have your dinner.

Chose the Aglio Olio and Wedges as my sides. However the aglio olio is really disappointing. Doesn't taste special or anything quite similar aglio olio πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… not to mention the portion is really small. It feels like they have divided the usual one serving for 3 pax. Wedges are normal... I mean it seldom go wrong with this. The chicken chop is not too fattening but same issue - small portion. But it explains the price you are paying I guess. However the shop has really nice settings for example the swing, fairy lights wall etc. Instagram worthy but not stomach worthy HAHA.

Feeling blue? How about eat the blue away? πŸ˜‚ This dish served blue pasta and although I've no idea what's the thing they put to achieve this colour (could it be blue pea flower?), the pasta tasted really good. I love how it has the sichuan mala taste to it. But it's slightly towards the oily side, hence it would be good if you eat the curly pasta one by one and not using use your spoon. If not you are like drinking the oil πŸ˜… The downside of this dish is the lap cheong crumble haha cause I don't like lap cheong in general and they are really generous with the crumble πŸ™ˆ it was quite overpowering at first and I couldn't taste much of the mala or pasta with the lap cheong. Anyway the prawns are quite easy (keeping it real SHRIMPLE for everyone) to eat too since they have deshelled it for you πŸ‘πŸ»


Indonesian specialities buffet that is created by guest chefs from The Ritz-Carlton Bali 😍 I love Indonesian cuisine and I must say they cook every dish really well. There is a great variety of food and my favourite will be under the grill section - pork & satay! Till now I am still craving for it, the pork is juicy and the char taste is πŸ’― Ok I love almost all the meat they have at the buffet spread #guilty.

Another thing that's on the menu (& my mind) that I like would be the prata! Although this item is not under the specialities, I was blown away by how buttery and soft it is! And yes don't worry, their regular buffet line is still available πŸ˜‚ be sure to check out their fresh seafood (which are located in this chill room look alike) and see how they prepare your oyster fresh πŸ‘πŸ» P/S you can make your own laksa and salad tooo!

Anyway the good thing about this place is that the food are located almost everywhere; so you need to walk around for food... which means digesting a little before you get your second/third/fourth serving 😜

Be sure to check it out because it's till 27 July only!

Really love their pasta! I love how their pasta can be so colourful that it makes people wanna eat it (I guess kids will be more attracted to it) and the portion is quite alright. The meatballs are my favourite! I love how it tasted so handmade (when you cut it into half you can still see the texture of the ground pork meat) and yet so perfect. The bacon/sliced pork are so flavourful and the fats are just nice 😍 Downside is that it was not hot when it was being served to us... seems like there's a PASTABILITY that they left it there for a while before bringing it to our table. The tomato sauce tasted really normal but anyway if I were to be given a choice, I won't want to have my pasta in tomato sauce πŸ˜‚

UDON about me but my fav kind of men is definitely MENtaiko. However this dish is slightly disappointing ☹ there is no mentaiko taste to it and it's too creamy. The egg just makes the whole dish a lot more creamier haha so not really helping. The udon texture is fine but it wasn't an enjoyable meal at all. Felt like I was having a creamy pasta instead πŸ˜… But the good thing is they have quite a few pieces of sliced ham. Which was beyond my expectation lol. Anyway I have no idea why today's Matcha Latte tasted pretty diluted and not as good as those I had previously... seems like there is a lack in consistency sobs.

This lunch set comes with a drink of your choice (either milktea or fruit juice). The milk tea is huge so I guess it's worth getting this lunch set. Cause the usual ramen price is around $11.90 already? Anyway the ramen tasted really different as those Japanese ramen I had outside. The broth tasted like herbal/Chinese soup. Which is surprisingly nice and goes well with the noodles. The charsiew is slightly tough and the egg is not as yummy as those you will find in a Japanese restaurant. It tasted like those I made at home HAHA which is not that EGGcellent. But the portion is alright and I would say it's a pretty decent bowl of noodles. Totally didn't expect it to be like this cause usually Taiwanese food is not something I will like or crave for πŸ˜‚

Would say it's pretty worth is since it's 1 for 1. So I paid around $5 for this bowl of noodles. Food came pretty fast and there are quite a lot of ingredients. However the downside is that I don't like yellow noodles (not too sure if I can request to change it but oh wells). I love how the tau pok soak up all the curry 😍 and the crispy beancurd skin is really good too. There is charsiew inside this bowl too. Overall it's worth the price. Service is good too! MEE love it hehe.

This set does NOT comes with a drink! Chose the spicy chicken instead of original cause original was pretty tasteless and bad. Spicy chickens are slightly juicier and the slight hint of spice really does help. However they are pretty oily too! The fries are really normal and there's nothing much that stood out in this whole dish... hmm maybe the mashed potato look alike/taste alike sauce for you to dip your chicken. Haiz which I still don't know how to enjoy πŸ˜… I BEElieved it doesn't brings me any JOY πŸ˜‚

They should make it more transparent on the price cause I went into the shop thinking all I need to pay is that $29.90++ but who knows I have to top up $10++ for the soup base (aka the pot)... And it's something you MUST pay for, (isn't it FISHY) if not how I steamboat lol. There is only one fish per pot (which they will cut it into two to put into 2 different soup base). The free flow ingredients is not worth $29.90 at all. And the soup base took pretty long to start boiling. Half the time we were trying to wait for the food to be cooked.

The sliced pork they gave are mostly fats. However I must say they are very generous with the portion. Like when we wrote there 1 x Potatoes, the amount of potatoes they gave are good enough to serve up to 4 pax. Free flow of ice cream too! Would highly recommend to order the mala soup base for more shiok feel (level 2 is good enough!). The rest are kinda salty after a while πŸ˜‚ Good place to dine at as a group but then again i think there're many other steamboat restaurants out there that are much more worth of the price.


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