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Everything Else

Everything Else

Sugar, Spice & Everything nice 😝 I try to make puns whenever I can ✌🏻
Elyssa Yip
Elyssa Yip

New found jem in the west! Was walking around casually and spotted this shop at level 4. They sell really affordable authentic Thai dishes 😍 Furthermore the prices are nett! The drink (I chose lemongrass) is free btw haha as they are having some ongoing promotion. They are not stingy with their portions although the price is so much cheaper than other restaurants/even those at food court. The basil chicken is flavourful and it goes so well with the white rice. But I wished the egg could be slightly running (my personal preference!). The atmosphere here is really good too. Nicely decorated and pretty chill. Would definitely visit it again!

Although the place is pretty chill and good cafe vibe (since there isn't much people) but the food isn't that great. The fries are pretty tasteless... not sure if we're going for healthier options over here πŸ˜… And the portion is quite little and it's not helping the fact that they use such a huge plate hhaha. The patty was pretty good though, can taste the chilli/spice they used (warning ⚠️ some might find it very spicy). The buns nothing too special. Might visit them again since they are having 20% off for dinner right now!

Pho Street is the one PHO me whenever I'm craving for vietnamese food! I love their pho and although it's not the same as those I had in Vietnam but it's still good! I like to add in their chilli to my noodles. Anyway my new found love will be their street food - the wrap pork and also the summer rolls. Both is between $4.90 to $5.90. I really love the pork roll the most and we were like snatching for it 🀣 The noodles became the sides instead of the main dish. Also, you can mix your own sauce if you like to suit your own palate. Affordable and good vietnamese food πŸ‘πŸ» must try!!

RICE and shine! Lunch time special at $10! Regret not ordering this the other time and I ordered the typical ramen instead πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER GOSH! They are so generous with the rice, chicken and cheese?!? Don't see this bowl like small small but the portion that they give is really a lot. Plus the lunch deal is so worth it, comes with sides and also a drink! Of course this bowl is full of carbs but for someone who's really hungry, you have to order this!

Pretty decent plate of pasta. The soft shell crab is fried to perfection (it's not CRABBY at all) but I can't really taste much of the salted egg. It's just creamy and that's all haha. Of course would love to have more of it since it's kinda expensive but oh wells πŸ˜… the atmosphere of the restaurant is good but the staff can look a little fierce 🀣 Nevertheless I must say it's wayyyy much better than the other time I dined in here (it was 8 April 2019). So good job!

On our table: Steamed Chicken Feet [$5], Yang Zhou Fried Rice [$14.80], Ha Kau Black & White 4 Pieces [$6.80]. Not sure how many of you like chicken feet but I absolutely love it! Especially the (a little bit spicy) sauce and also how smooth the feet is 🀣 It's like a must order when you eat dimsum! I can probably finish the whole plate myself - it's CHICKEN FEET (feed)!

Although the Hau Kau have black and white but both tasted like around the same haha. Not sure if it's just a marketing gimmick or what πŸ€ͺ Yang Zhou Fried Rice is good for sharing! Don't try to finish everything yourself or else you can't enjoy the rest of the dishes!

Didn't know there a last order for XLB πŸ˜… and can't remember if it's like around 6 or 630pm... which is kinda sad cause I wanted to have it for dinner sigh. But the chef was nice enough to make it for us despite ordering slightly after the 'last order'. Thank you!! 😘 Although it's not the best XLB we had (the skin is a little too thick) but thanks for so accommodating and satisfying our cravings! So guys do remember to order early next time! Would be good if the XLB can be more juicy and skin to be thinner... so that I can have more FILLINGS for you πŸ€ͺ Nevertheless good service here πŸ’–

If you're looking for cheap and good food in Jewel Airport then you should consider going to Five Spice! Although it's food court food but the atmosphere is quite different haha it's kinda like a upgraded food court. However do expect to large crowd (since it's more affordable as compared to restaurants). We ordered the KL Chilli Ban Mee and although the portion is pretty small it's still quite yummy. However would expect it to be more flavourful πŸ˜… not the best ban mee/chilli ban mee I had but still acceptable hahaha. Not something that can SPICE up my life but ok at least can fill my tummy when I need to!

Although $60 might sound really expensive but KBBQ is about sharing and to MEAT up with friends! Hence if you were to split the cost among a few of you then each person isn't paying that much πŸ˜…πŸ€£ this shop gives off the really authentic vibe and the meat is good too! Unlike some other places whereby you will get fats more than meat haha. The service is not too bad but don't expect them to keep going to your table to serve you. A must try will be the egg! What I wished will be greater portion per set and also free flow of drinks if possible! The water also need to pay and it's in bottle oops. ζˆ‘θΏ™δΈͺζ°΄ζ‘Ά cannot take it sobs.

My favourite kind of men is definitely raMEN. I like the cosy environment of this restaurant and how it kinda feels like I'm in Japan. This bowl of hot ramen is perfect for rainy weather and I loveeee ramen egg. The flavoured soft boiled egg melts in your mouth 😍 And it would be better if they can slightly more since it's in a pretty small bowl right now haha. Nevertheless good ramen and I don't mind coming back for more!

Have no idea what's the thing to die for for this burger πŸ˜‚ but it's pretty OVERprice instead of OVEReasy sigh. However I must say the burger is nice, meat is juicy and tender. Burger buns are nicely toasted. However I've no idea why they give us such a huge pickle which I thought it was sausage lol (it will be good if they can give us sausage though). Fries are extremely thin haha I would prefer my fries to be thicker but that's ok. Nevertheless, nice view to compensate this. The staff are really friendly and also willing to help. Anyway I also ordered a milkshake but that just tasted and looks like those I could made it at home haha thought it will be something like the ones at Black Tap oops πŸ˜…

Been craving for mala and thought I should give this a try. However there isn't much mala taste to it and it's just oily 😭 Occasionally you can taste a bit of the ιΊ» due to the pepper seed but that's about it. Nothing great about this dish but portion is good enough for 2 pax. Chicken is tender and juicy and surprisingly the onions are sweet. However they can improve on the mala taste. Pretty sure those who cannot eat spicy can eat this haha cause this not even xiao la sobs. Guess I have to eat the actual mala in order to SPICE up my life πŸ˜‚


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