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Elyssa Yip
Elyssa Yip

Chanced upon this cafΓ© after our hike and I decided to order the All Day Brunch. This looks something way beyond my imagination haha. As I didn’t know it will be served this way (thought it will be served like the usual all-day breakfast style) but I guess brunch makes things fancier LOL. Baked eggs with sausage, bacon & capsicum etc. Nothing to shout out about regarding the taste but I guess it’s a pretty nice cafΓ© to chill at if you're at the area. The dish itself is a little too watery for my liking and the toasts were pretty simple too. Guess it just another Insta-worthy dish πŸ˜‚ but this isn't stopping me from visiting their store again because TOAST to a nice aesthetic cafe!

Bt Timah has lots of Korean restaurants and sometimes it's a headache to choose a fav 1 🀣 Decided to give Pink Candy a try since food court don't have GST or service charge haha. Anyway they serve really good kimchi, I prefer to have my kimchi spicy spicy than sour sour hence they really nailed it (even brought home 1kg worth of kimchi to enjoy SEOULshiok). However the jjajangmyeon is not that nice - sauce not that flavourful and still can taste a bit of yellow noodles sobs. Would recommend to order the Chicken Bulgogi & their Spicy Sauce Fried Chicken (but it doesn't taste/feel spicy at all hahaa) Mashita πŸ˜‹ the downside of eating at the food court will be no air con, cannot refill kimchi (unless you pay 50 cents) and no free flow of side dishes. So choose wisely hahahaha.

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PS Cafe is always so generous with their portioning! They gave so much fries (which ended up having to dabao cause even 2 persons couldn't finish them all) and the burger is good too. However try not to get it well done like me cause the beef patty ended up being so tough that I had a hard time chewing it πŸ˜‚ Would say it's a refreshing concept to have spinach in the burger (something I wouldn't imagine having). What a BUNderful burger and their food never disappoint! P/S the place is very IG worthy like those cafes at JB so it's a good chance to go there now since we can't travel sobs.

Did SALMON say it's Jap? 😍 anyway the rice is really tasteless like can you believed it i tried to make things better by adding wasabi but that's also another disappointment cause the wasabi is equally tasteless πŸ˜‚ the salmons are not too bad since it melts in your mouth but that's also because it's quite thin.

All of us agreed that their Buta Don (but the pork though cause rice equally tasteless and bad) was the best sigh πŸ™ƒ Don't think I'll be visiting this shop anytime soon!

I love thick cut fries and truffle so this is a perfect combination for me. Wished that there could be more truffle & cheese (there's such an option but that will be $11.90 instead lol) so bb shouldn't complain so much since I chose this option. However the fries are pretty little for this price. The ambience was really good, love how they play chill Christmas song since we're one more month to Christmas! Definitely a good place to chill with all your taitai friends here cause time FRIES when you're here 🀣

My fav affordable sushi place so far! Love their mentaiko sauce, definitely can win a lot of MEN out there 🀣 A must order is their mentaiko fries and also mentaiko salmon roll [$4.30] (It's ROLLING good!!). For those who can take spice or love spicy food do try their spicy salmon gunkan [$4.60]. Super shiok and definitely worth the money. Overall really love their food and also the train delivery concept πŸ˜‹

New found jem in the west! Was walking around casually and spotted this shop at level 4. They sell really affordable authentic Thai dishes 😍 Furthermore the prices are nett! The drink (I chose lemongrass) is free btw haha as they are having some ongoing promotion. They are not stingy with their portions although the price is so much cheaper than other restaurants/even those at food court. The basil chicken is flavourful and it goes so well with the white rice. But I wished the egg could be slightly running (my personal preference!). The atmosphere here is really good too. Nicely decorated and pretty chill. Would definitely visit it again!

Although the place is pretty chill and good cafe vibe (since there isn't much people) but the food isn't that great. The fries are pretty tasteless... not sure if we're going for healthier options over here πŸ˜… And the portion is quite little and it's not helping the fact that they use such a huge plate hhaha. The patty was pretty good though, can taste the chilli/spice they used (warning ⚠️ some might find it very spicy). The buns nothing too special. Might visit them again since they are having 20% off for dinner right now!

Pho Street is the one PHO me whenever I'm craving for vietnamese food! I love their pho and although it's not the same as those I had in Vietnam but it's still good! I like to add in their chilli to my noodles. Anyway my new found love will be their street food - the wrap pork and also the summer rolls. Both is between $4.90 to $5.90. I really love the pork roll the most and we were like snatching for it 🀣 The noodles became the sides instead of the main dish. Also, you can mix your own sauce if you like to suit your own palate. Affordable and good vietnamese food πŸ‘πŸ» must try!!

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RICE and shine! Lunch time special at $10! Regret not ordering this the other time and I ordered the typical ramen instead πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER GOSH! They are so generous with the rice, chicken and cheese?!? Don't see this bowl like small small but the portion that they give is really a lot. Plus the lunch deal is so worth it, comes with sides and also a drink! Of course this bowl is full of carbs but for someone who's really hungry, you have to order this!

Pretty decent plate of pasta. The soft shell crab is fried to perfection (it's not CRABBY at all) but I can't really taste much of the salted egg. It's just creamy and that's all haha. Of course would love to have more of it since it's kinda expensive but oh wells πŸ˜… the atmosphere of the restaurant is good but the staff can look a little fierce 🀣 Nevertheless I must say it's wayyyy much better than the other time I dined in here (it was 8 April 2019). So good job!

On our table: Steamed Chicken Feet [$5], Yang Zhou Fried Rice [$14.80], Ha Kau Black & White 4 Pieces [$6.80]. Not sure how many of you like chicken feet but I absolutely love it! Especially the (a little bit spicy) sauce and also how smooth the feet is 🀣 It's like a must order when you eat dimsum! I can probably finish the whole plate myself - it's CHICKEN FEET (feed)!

Although the Hau Kau have black and white but both tasted like around the same haha. Not sure if it's just a marketing gimmick or what πŸ€ͺ Yang Zhou Fried Rice is good for sharing! Don't try to finish everything yourself or else you can't enjoy the rest of the dishes!


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