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There always room for desserts !!!!
Chu Ning
Chu Ning

Tried out this tiny coffee shop today. Shop space was really limited so it’s best to just take and go.

Cereal milk latte was one of their specials and I gave it a try. I think the taste didn’t really suit me. I love cereal milk ice cream and I was thinking maybe cereal milk latte shd taste good as well but hahahha its bitter and the milk taste a bit weird lol maybe it’s just me.

3rd time here hahaha seems like a routine where I will have my beef bowl at Rakki followed by desserts at nesuto 😂😂😂

This time round I ordered a different cake > LE’ MMM which is a decadent chocolate cake. On first bite, it was heavenly because the top layer was this cold harden chocolate followed by the chocolate sponge and cream. Subsequently, I got abit jelat even tho I was sharing this w a friend.

Would highly recommend their c3 cheesecake more !!!!

As for the tea, go for their peach oolong instead of their milky oolong.

This cafe had a very chill and relaxing vibe and it’s conveniently located near the tanjong pargar mrt.

Their selection of tea was rather extensive and features a range of familiar teas as well as more unique ones. As a fan of oolong tea, I opted for the peach oolong which has a slight peach after taste to it.

The chocolate Hojicha was an interesting tea that I tried. Tea smelled like chocolate but tasted nothing similar to it... it’s not sweet either.

The yuzu cake has a strong zest to it but it remained very light and fluffy as well. Really enjoyed it.

The c3 cheesecake was also a good pick because there were different distinct layers and it’s not super cheesy. I loved the base as well.

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White chocolate rasberry cheesecake had a generous amount of berries. The cheesecake was dense and creamy. A good cheesecake.

The other was very chocolately but it was so good. Cheese taste wasn’t as much as the other one.

4 pieces of each flavor
Warabi mochi was super soft and it didn’t harden even if it’s left overnight in the fridge.

As for the taste, the powder isn’t very strong, so you don’t get the full flavour of it.

Post workout snack
Good variety of fruits & I love the coconut nibs which is v crunchy

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Blended Acai base, topped with granola, bananas, cacao nibs, chia seeds and cookie butter.

Acai was super smooth and cold when served. The winning factor in this acai is the cookie butter. Ultimate fave acai shop

Death Cream consists of a mixture of espresso, cream and vanilla beans. Slightly on the sweeter side and it sure contains a lot of cream. Recommend to be shared by 2 ppl since it can get slightly overwhelming after a few sips.

The Taisho M.A.D Milk tastes very nutty, not something I actually enjoyed. The M.A.D milk
is actually made up of macadamia nuts, almonds and dates.

Walked past this shop which had a queue forming and since it’s the durian season, I joined the queue as well. Wanted to get the Black Thorn initially but it was OOS unless you reserved beforehand. No choice, had to go with the MSW instead. Price was ard $19/kg.

The MSW wasn’t very bitter and the portion can feed 3 pax.

Texture of the cheesecake was not as soft but more dense, different from the regular ones that I’m used to. Didn’t enjoy it.

On first look, the pastries were really tiny. It’s as though you can just pop the entire thing into your mouth.

That being said, this platter is not as worth as the ones with the 3 scoops of ice cream. But it’s worth a try if you’re using Burpple beyond since 6 scoops of ice cream could be an overdose as well.

Overall, their chocolate is quite dense but enjoyable.

Forever hungry • Can be seen munching on a slice of pizza most of the times

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