There always room for desserts !!!!
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i would say their desserts and sides beats their mains hands down. love that this tiramisu has pistachio in it. the pistachio came in a form
of a paste that is layered above the lady’s fingers. when eaten together, i feel that the coffee overpowers the pistachio taste so i ate it separately. the cream was also pretty light

Earl Grey was the seasonal flavour for the month of September. I would think this was less sweet compared to the pistachio one.

Pistachio is my all time fave!! love the nuttiness and creaminess of it.

a good end to a lovely meal. the crème brûlée was super soft and eggy. i love it!!! the sugar was also caramelised nicely

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their desserts hit the spot.

Green Apple Terrine, Filo Pastry, Ivory Chantilly, Smoked Calvados Ice Cream

Macerated Guava & Strawberry, Szechuan Pepper Strawberry Granita

Sour Cream Ice Cream, Kaffir Lime Foam & Zest

Salted Black Vinegar Caramel, Banana Emas,
Bulldog Vinegar Ice Cream

in top place would be the panna cotta as it’s super refreshing especially after a heavy meal. the top tastes and looks like a slushie covering the soft panna cotta at the bottom. my next fave is the chocolate tart which was served with a warm and molten core that instantly flows as you cut through it. tart base was pretty solid as well and didn’t disintegrate that easily. the chocolate was bittersweet which i enjoyed but i didn’t particularly like the ice cream flavours. it tasted weird.

the apple millie feuille was alike an apple strudel. not bad but nothing much to shout about as well but at least the pastry was crispy.

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this lychee drink is considered one of their popular drinks and it didn’t disappoint!! served w 3 biscotti biscuits as well

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compliments from koma!!

their cake was really light and nice. great after a filling meal

Too much for one or even two to handle!! Just get the small or medium size, esp after a meal

My fave acai of all times

Love the super crunchy nuts and cookie butter

Probably the only dessert that almost every table ordered - 20 layer chocolate cake with peanut butter in between.

The cake was well balanced with the fudgy peanut butter. It was so rich and decadent that after a few spoonfuls, you will probably give up . This is a must try but it definitely needs to be shared.

Brotherbird is well known for the crossiants which sells out by mid day and I finally got to try it !!!

Flavors rotate monthly and for this month, only the ham and mornay flavor caught my eye since I’m more towards savory than sweet.

As for the ferrero rocher flavor, it’s not under this month’s box, but it’s returning due to popular demand. Same for the matcha croissant.

I ate this croissant cold instead of at room temperature so the hazelnut filling inside wasn’t oozing out but it was not hard as well. Tasted like a cold cream texture. Strong hazelnut taste. Very sinful tbh. Best to go w a cup of tea to wash it down.

Smooth soft silky with a tinge of melon taste

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i love pastas and pizzas!

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