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Featuring Sunday Folks, Creamier (Gillman Barracks), The Daily Scoop (Holland Village), Good Food Coffee & Bakery, Smöoy (Jem)
Thint T
Thint T

Say it with me: Kürtőskalács. Koort. Tú. Shka. Lech. That’s Hungarian chimney cakes, a jolly old spit pastry that well, resembles a chimney. Hailing from the capital of the Czech Republic (go figure), Good Food Coffee & Bakery serves up some interesting takes on the traditionally festive snack. Now say it with me again: KOORT. TÚ. SHKA. LECH. Kürtőskalács!
Situated where the classic ice-cream shop named after a certain Benjamin and a mouse who engages in an eternal tussle with a cat called Tom. Brick walls and domino colour scheme gives the place a clean barbershop sheen.
1️⃣ Chimney Paris ($7.50) - robust dark chocolate whipped cream with slices of strawberry, perfectly balanced as all things should be
2️⃣ Chimney Devil ($7.50) - this was weird, sometimes getting one for the gram doesn’t come through when the product is a devilishly confusing mix of activated carbon yoghurt ice cream and coconut shavings
3️⃣ Chimney Blizzard ($6.90) - simple bliss: chocolate & vanilla and biscuit shaped like a teddy
If you can pronounce Kürtőskalács you can do anything in the universe. Also you can give this place a pass, it really isn’t worth the moolah

After four days of a rather detrimental hiatus peppered with malignity, doubts in self-preservation and the textbook stubbornness to procrastinate, @thintbites is back. On a side note, the weather has been unbearably hot for the past few days and it is literally searing me to a medium-rare doneness as we speak. On a more appealing note, there is no shortage of bustling ice cream cafés and air-conditioned waffle joints to beat the heat in while enjoying a cool and creamy soft-serve. One of these places is one that never fails to satisfy this sweet tooth. The Daily Scoop is a fun and whimsically charming ice cream café that is certainly known for their wide pool of imaginative flavours that are always refreshed daily. From a refreshingly zesty spoonful of Lychee Martini ice cream to a more indulgent treat of a Salted Mr Brown (the perennial favourite flavour), one can expect to be spoilt for choice in selecting a favourite ice cream flavour from their ever-expanding roster of creamy goodness. I would always find myself going for a delightful Single Scoop ($3.80, +$0.40 for cronchy cone), whether be it a mid-day treat or a sweet ending after a meal at the village itself. A godsend water dispenser lies in the quaint decor of the restaurant, providing a crisp and clear beverage to cleanse your palate after having indulged in some of The Daily Scoop’s homemade creamy delights. Would definitely prescribe a scoop or two to anyone to escape the oppressing heat of the 35°C weather at the moment.

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Read enough food bloggers’ articles and Instagram foodies’ feeds and one might come to familiarise themselves with the recent announcement that Creamier is about to shut down their Toa Payoh outlet. While the news spread like wildfire, so did the customers both loyal and first-timers, flocking to the rather memorable ice cream parlour for a scoop or two. I decided to head down to their second most popular joint at Gillman Barracks to hopefully catch a glimpse of what the popular ice cream flavours might taste like, and true enough, there is reason to believe that Creamier may just serve the best homemade ice cream on the island. A scenic walk down the rustic compound that housed refurbished army barracks topped off with Creamier’s delicious ice cream and waffles is an experience that I may only come to describe as tranquil divinity. With a kaleidoscopic array of flavours ranging from the childhood favourite that is Cookies & Cream to limited edition seasonal flavours such as their Blue Pea Vanilla crème, Creamier’s iconic ice cream can be thoroughly enjoyed with their freshly made waffles, which were one of the best damn waffles that I’ve ever had, if I may be so bold. I decided to order their Waffles with Double Scoop ($12.30), opting to try their crowd-favourite Earl Grey Lavender flavour with a modern classic that is Sea Salt Gula Melaka flavour. One word: perfection. Their Earl Grey Lavender was subtly light, evoking images of Earl Grey tea leaves with lavender petals, all while being effervescently refreshing despite being a creamy product. The Sea Salt Gula Melaka ice cream (which has to be my personal favourite) boasts a toothsome balance of sweet and savoury, excellently complimenting the warm fluffy waffles that were crisp on the outside while maintaining a delightful pillowy chew on the inside. Try their Cold Brew Coffee ($7), made using Papa Palheta’s Ethiopian Suke Quto coffee, which was bright and palatable with notes of peach, earl grey tea on the palette and a zesty citrus on the finish.


With frozen yoghurt and soft-serve ice cream available high and low across the globe, it is no surprise that the industry would cease to lose popularity any time soon. Accessible, healthy and of course delicious, frozen yoghurt has been an all-time trend since the mid 2000s, with its consumer base ranging from the usual student looking to catch a sweet and affordable treat to health-conscious citizens that want a heathy and delicious alternative to their mundane diets. smöoy is a Spanish franchise that prides itself on being the first functional frozen yoghurt on the market, mainly because of its unique formula that achieves a frozen yoghurt that is low in fat, high in fiber and being absolutely gluten-free. With weekly flavours such as biscuit yoghurt and specialised creations such as their twisters, smöoy presents customers with a myriad of toppings and drizzles to select from, every combination bringing about a unique flavour profile. I decided to try out their soft-serve instead of their signature frozen yoghurt, seeing as how I was in the mood for that extra sweet devilishness. Their Classic Ivory Low Fat Ice Cream ($5.50) came with the addition of two toppings, to which I decided to try a nutty hazelnut cream drizzle with some caramelised walnuts. The result? A smooth and nutty ice-cream with sweet and crunchy bits of sugary walnuts that enhanced every little bit of my diabolic diabetic dream. Definitely better than most soft-serves available in Singapore.


What fitting way to post on a Sunday after realizing that the conception of these unnecessarily convoluted anecdotes regarding my previous consumption of food and such takes at least 32 hours to craft and as such, once every two days. Also because it’s Sunday and I thought it’d be a clever move to post a picture taken on Tuesday to subliminally provide a witty introduction paragraph to start with. Sunday Folks. Sunday. Get it? A quaint and charming dessert café serving up freshly churned ice cream and other intricate cakes and desserts, Sunday Folks’ philosophy to “help make everyday feel like a Sunday” is definitely apparent in its relaxed and cozy abode alongside comforting sweet treats. Their Roasted Pistachio ice cream ($8.60) comes dusted with toppings including roasted pistachio nuts with apricot and topped with a delightful almond biscotti. Nutty and absolutely indulgent. Their Dark Chocolate Ferroro ice cream ($8.60) came with even more luxurious toppings including roasted hazelnuts, pillowy caramel marshmallows and a smooth chocolate hazelnut sauce. Definitely a place to be when you’re looking to cool down on a Sunday. Or any other day of the week for that matter.


Thint T

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