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Loong Wye & Michelle Kwan
Loong Wye & Michelle Kwan

Yu kee duck rice specialty set ($4.80)

Duck rice was moist and well flavoured. Duck is soft. The rest of the sides are also nice. Loved their chilli. One of the best YU kee branches around.

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Spinach soup ($4.60)

Chose option 2 which is the prawn soup with koka noodles. The prawns were average, could be fresher. The rest of the ingredients were rather fresh. Would prefer the tofu set or the century egg set because the soup taste richer for those. But this is a decent meal and seems to have more customers each day!

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Spinach soup ($4.60)

Option 1. Comes with salted egg, century egg and egg. The century egg makes the soup even tastier. Inside also have some minced meat and substantial amount of spinach. Added rice for $0.60. Nice. Will order again.

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Spinach soup option 4 Tofu soup ($4.60)

Soup is $4 add $0.60 for mains.

Soup is light and not laden with msg. Lots of spinach given and the tofu items are also fresh. The hygiene level in the stall is quite clean. Not bad for thr price paid and will return again.

Lor Mee ($4):
This bowl lor mee has so many ingredients in it fried fish, fried wanton, braised pork belly and fried fish skin and none of it disappoints! The stallowners definitely put lotsa heart and soul into preparing them. Definitely one of the best lor mee i have tasted!

Mala xiangguo ($20.70)

Price is for 3 with 3 bowls of rice. Ordered an assortment of veg and had pork belly for meat. Ordered big spicy but it wasnt really spicy nor numb. Overall the taste can be more well balanced.

Curry crispy pork noodles ($7.90)

Curry was savoury and slightly spicy. Noodles were bouncy. Pork belly was crispy and the beansprouts added a nicr crunch to the bowl. Overall quite a nice bowl of noodles.

Jangut laksa ($6)

Bought the big bowl of laksa. The gravy was only more appealling after adding more chilli. Otherwise it felt a little too light and not savoury enough. Portion wise is good and ingredients quite fresh.

Hokkien mee ($4)

The prawn noodles had a slight prawn broth taste which can be stronger. As a result, the yellow mee taste was a litte overpowering and no wokhei taste. The amount of prawn and sotong was reasonable though. Liked the chilli. Overall not an impressive plate of fried prawn noodles.

Wanton noodles ($4)

Noodles were cooked al dente and very springy without the alkaline taste. The wanton were nicely seasoned and fresh. The highlight will be the charsiew which is nicely charred and with a good meat to fat ratio. Loved it!! Their chilli was nice as well.

Hainanese chicken rice ($3)

Comes with substantial amount of chicken meat. The chicken is quite average, not impressive. The achar was quite appetising. Rice was also not oily or fragrant enough. Chilli however was spicy and packed a punch. Overall just a very normal plate of chicken rice.

Spinach soup ($3.80+$0.50+$0.50)

This is tofu option which has tofu ytf style. Added egg and rice for 0.50 each. Soup is not too salty, spinach is substantial and the tofu pieces are quite nice. Seems homemade, not factory made kind.

Sharing with you our honest reviews of the food that we (Michelle and Loong Wye) have tried!

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