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Caffeine Junkie ☕️

Caffeine Junkie ☕️

For any beverages that provide a morning or mid-afternoon perk-me-up!
Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee
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I’ve tried the Black Sesame Soy Latte before and I’m glad to say that the standard is consistently good at Craftsmen. The Black Sesame fragrance is strong, and the taste is prominent. It’s mixed nicely with the milk, resulting in an amazingly creamy and smooth beverage. Great for a non-caffeinated drink.

The butterscotch latte is just one of the many creative drinks available at Craftsmen. It indeed tastes of butterscotch, with a pleasant sweetness to balance the slight bitterness of the coffee. Craftsmen has achieved just the right level of sweetness in this beverage, resulting in a pleasant drink to go with your meal, or a nice beverage to have with your friends or family over a catch-up session.

I’ve loved all the drinks I’ve had at Craftsmen Coffee so far and will definitely be back for more and to try the food!

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I was surprised by this when it arrived as it looked more like a soft serve than coconut ice when it arrived. The texture leaned more towards soft serve rather than ice blend too as the ice was really fine, creamy and smooth. I found it a bit weird that there were some ice cubes inside the ice blend though. I’m not sure if that was intentional or if those didn’t get blended properly.

The drink is topped with some coconut flakes, and if you eat the coconut ice on its own it’s extremely coconutty and quite sweet. I recommend mixing some of the ice into the espresso at the bottom to achieve the middle ground of bitter espresso with sweet coconut ice. This blending of flavours was lovely, with none outshining the other. Super refreshing cold beverage with a caffeine kick. I can see myself ordering a main with this beverage whenever I’m at Craftsmen if it weren’t for the astounding number of choices available. I definitely have to visit more to try the other items on the menu.

I was really taken by surprise when I tried the coffee here at 6 Letter Coffee. I don’t know what blend of beans they use but it’s out of this world. Extremely aromatic and fragrant, but I wouldn’t exactly call it nutty. The cappuccino is smooth and so so amazing. Note that they don’t have skim milk available here, but soy milk is available at an additional $1 (no other non-dairy alternatives available as of yet).

Perfect for a morning coffee run.

*6 Letter Coffee is FavePay and GrabPay-friendly!

Butterknife Folk released a multitude of local flavours in time for National Day week. I was curious to try the chicken rice flavour, so I purposely made my way down after seeing that it was available today on their IG stories.

I ended up trying the Milo Van MILO, chicken rice, and the kopi gao. The milo van milo is truly amazing, it’s literally the same taste of milo van milo in ice cream form - thick, chocolatey and malty. Takes me back to sports days in school. It is quite sweet, so this is probably better for sharing.

The chicken rice flavour was interesting. It’s a savoury ice cream with prominent tastes of ginger. Actually not bad, but I wasn’t sure if I could finish a whole scoop of this on my own.

Enter the kopi gao flavour. Strong black kopi with condensed milk. I was hooked from first lick. The coffee taste is so aromatic and strong, and this flavour is the perfect balance of sweetness plus a slight contrasting bitterness from the coffee. I’ve definitely never had such strong coffee ice cream before.. This one is a hot seller for sure as the tub was almost completely empty - I think I might’ve gotten the last scoop! I really hope they bring this flavour back often as it’s really good!!!!

Actually wanted to try more flavours like the soursop, pineapple tart, sugarcane lemon and chilli crab, but sadly the sweet counter girl wasn’t there today. The staff today wasn’t friendly. It was like she was hurrying the customers to make a decision quickly so I just settled for the kopi gao.

I was also thinking of getting a tub to go, but the ice cream apparently only lasts 45 minutes unrefrigerated. :( Guess this is only suitable if you’re going to eat it fast or head back home immediately. Note that a styrofoam tub of ice cream costs $20, but if you buy the thermos container for $15, you get ice cream refills in the thermos for $18.

The coffee blend at Paddy Hills is quite mild, with a light nutty finish. If you prefer something milkier and not strong on caffeine, a classic latte here would make a good choice.

Light and easy on the palate, this cappuccino doesn’t hit you with any extreme flavours. It’s got mellow nutty notes which are nicely blended with the milk. Pretty nice choice to go along with the food

The Gula Melaka Soy Latte is one of Mellower’s three summer drinks. It’s slightly lighter in calories thanks to the use of soy milk instead of full fat milk so your summer body goals aren’t thwarted too much.

I enjoyed the latte on its own before mixing in the gula melaka syrup layer at the bottom, and I enjoyed Mellower’s fragrant and light blend. It does take some effort mixing in the gula melaka, and I couldn’t mix everything in as there was still a layer of syrup left, but I found the drink of a perfect sweetness for me after I’d mixed half the syrup into the coffee. A very refreshing iced beverage for the heat, slightly more pricey than their regular coffees, but it’s a seasonal drink so worth trying at least.

Somewhat like a cross between a chai latte and cafe latte, the Malindi Latte is a creamy milk-based coffee with hints of African spices. The spices aren’t super strong, so they don’t overpower the coffee but complement it rather well to bring out the nutty notes of Kafe UTU’s house blend. A nice change from regular latte when you’re visiting Kafe UTU.

The Bidibado is Kafe UTU’s version of mocha. Unfortunately, they don’t have skim milk here, but they do offer non-dairy alternatives soy and oat milk. I opted for soy milk at no additional charge, yay!

This is one really pretty beverage. I love the effort in the latte art, as well as the peanut butter-lined rim studded with spices, nuts and chilli flakes. This lends a nutty and spicy flavour to the beverage, which is honestly more chocolatey than coffee-like. The Bidibado will likely satisfy chocolate lovers, casual coffee drinkers and Instagrammers, but not those who need a serious cuppa. At $6, I think it’s not too bad for this gorgeous drink, so it’s worth ordering at least once :)

Keeping up with a coffee a day when the afternoon slump hits. The 1-for-1 drinks promotion from Monday-Friday, 3-5pm is still on for the week but they seem to be perpetually out of skim milk so I got the soy milk. I loved the Brazil roast yesterday, but they’ve already changed the beans and it was a choice of Ethiopia or El Salvador. This was with the El Salvador and I didn’t really enjoy it. It’s got a slightly sourish and mostly bitter taste profile, with little to no fruitiness or chocolate taste. Will steer clear of these next time and keep my fingers crossed for Brazil beans.

Another one for one promotion from 3-5pm this week at Jewel Coffee. Unfortunately they were out of skim milk, so I topped up $1 for soy. I went with the Brazil roast, and felt that this was actually the best drink I’ve had at Jewel so far.

With the Brazil roast, my cappuccino had a chocolatey flavour with a nutty finish. Hmm. Bit expensive for 8oz, but not too bad if you have a coffee kaki during the 1-for-1 promo.

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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