Burpple Beyond

Burpple Beyond

Exploring all the 1-for-1 deals with Burpple Beyond 😉
Ann R
Ann R

• Porky bowl
• 60 degrees chicken breast


• Roasted Pistachio and Mochaccino
• Blue Pea Vanilla and Black Forest

Second time in here and the food is still promising!

Went here for the first time to have dinner, their food was alright but let me tell u all something disgusting.

THEIR DRINKS MACHINE IS INFESTED WITH ANTS. Some of u may have not noticed it, but when u look closely u will see black ants crawling their way in the machine.

I’m not joking, and I’m definitely telling all of u that their cleanliness at this place is -100/10 just by looking at how the drinks machine attracts so much ants (especially the Sprite). Tho one may not die from swallowing live ants, just pls be careful.

• Classic Cheese burger
• BB Cafe Brunch

Service was alright, and food was good.
Will definitely come back for the brunch meal but not for the burger 😂. The burger just seems so mediocre that I can probably find better burgers in other cafes.


• All-In brekkie ($19++)
A platter of goodness that’s worth every $$ ☺️

• Sakura tea ($6++)
Green tea based tea with a hint of jasmine and roses aroma.


• Iberico Pork Jowl don
• Mentaiko Salmon don

The choices for burpple beyond in limited but the food is good 👍🏻.

• Alternative 7-course meal ($78++ each)

A hidden jem inside Sugarhaus 😉. The 1-for-1 deal for this meal is worth it but not in full price. But I’ll probably be back to eat the meat again!