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Came in only because I was around the area and I need a air-conditioned place for lunch (I was sweating).

Smoked chicken, mesclun mix, maple walnut, raisin cream cheese. You can choose plain/sesame/sea salt/multigrain bagel. I chose multigrain as recommended by the staff. The bagel was toasted and the flavours work so well together.

The amount of cream cheese was just right (I hate excessive cream cheese in bagels - am I eating bagels with cream cheese or cream cheese with bagel?!). It was slightly salty, abit sweet, with crunch from the walnut. I love it. Totally didn’t expect a cafe called Affogato Bar to have good bagel sandwich. I was told Breakfast Club and Smoked Chicken are their most popular flavour.

I also ordered the iced latte. It was good. Strong and not acidic - the way I like my coffee. Will definitely come back.

Eggs Ben, Bayonne ham, mushroom on rustic bread with side salad. Most overrated brunch places I’ve been to in a while. I always see queues in the Tiong Bahru branch and decide to see what’s the hype about.

Eggs Ben are eggs Ben. I know. But there are fantastic egg bens, good egg bens and meh egg bens. This definitely falls into the I-can-make-it-better-at-home egg bens.

Side salad is tasteless - I can’t taste any dressing. Rustic bread is average and I don’t think it works with the other ingredients. Poached eggs are cooked perfectly though. The ham is crispy but I prefer it soft. Portion is small. I ate half of the dish because it’s not worth the calories.

Service is quite good, one of the staff is quite friendly and tries to interact with customers. Prices are on the high side for brunch. Will not be back.

Beef pastrami+cheese+tomatoes+onions+greens between grilled panini with side of chips. A sandwich that tasted like pizza. Bread was nicely toasted. Definitely a filling sandwich but it’s too heavy for me - too gelat after a couple mouthful. I much prefer their curried chicken wrap to this.

Cappuccino ($5.50) is good. I chose the single origin Lufa blend - it’s creamy, not acidic, chocolately. Will come back for coffee, ambience, service and other food.

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Part of their weekday set lunch menu that gives you complimentary soup of the day or dessert. I chose dessert - small slice of nutty cake with a layer of chocolate sauce on top.

Chicken breast+pesto+tomato+brie+sauce that taste like subway sweet onion between hot pressed ciabatta. Sandwich comes with a side of salad that seems to have no dressing so I did not touch that (maybe I should have added that to my sandwich in hindsight😂)

Sandwich is nicely toasted. I like the sauce and bread but chicken breast is chicken breast - dry. Decent cafe sandwich at cafe prices. Will I go for the sandwiches again? I don’t know. Not the ones with chicken probably.

Are they the best scrambled eggs in Singapore? Nah. Quite good - needs more seasoning - although not the best. The scrambled eggs are creamy with a tofu like texture but rather bland. Just some more salt and pepper would have helped greatly. The toast are well toasted and are decent bread.

Added wilted spinach for a balance diet (carbs+protein+fibre right) and I think they don’t really go well with the other components. Basically boiled spinach with salt.

The portions are huge, filling and reasonably priced (nett) for cafe food. I prefer their french toasts to scrambled eggs on toast.

Servers are very friendly. Very crowded and noisy on weekends so not ideal for big groups but quiet and dark on weekday. Good for solo emo time

Huge cream puff with custard made from Hokkaido jersey milk. The puff holds its structure well when cut. Pastry is slightly thick but not crispy, instead tasted like “lao hong”/ stale pastry. I couldn’t enjoy the puff after that😂 so the custard tasted like normal custard to me?

The cappuccino ($6.70) is full bodied, not acidic and comes with nice latte art but I couldn’t tell it’s made with Hokkaido milk though.

It’s a “not going back” for me but judging by how crowded it is during weekday lunch hour, many do not share my opinion.

2 baguette sliced French toast with maple, butter and soft serve. It tasted like creme brûlée french toast with a crunchy sugar top. The French toast itself is soft, eggy and has soaked up the mixture very well.

I do not like soft soggy French toast so I didn’t enjoy it. If I knew it’s going to be a creme brûlée type of French toast I would not have ordered it.

Soft serve itself tasted like white rabbit candy. Portion is small - good as tea break but not filling for lunch/brunch.

Almond butter and blueberry jam served on sunflower and pumpkin seeded sourdough toast ($7.50 before gst). They are generous with the spread. Tasted like natural almond butter and the jam is not sweet (not like from a jar in NTUC)

Beetroot hummus and honey on homemade whole grain toast ($6 before gst). Honey goes well with the hummus as it brings some sweetness to the toast.

The toasts are HUGE and thick, nicely toasted with great crunch on the sides. 1 slice is good for tea break or breakfast, 2 is abit too filling for lunch - especially with coffee

I prefer the almond butter toast to the hummus toast. Will go back to give the other toasts a try as it goes well with coffee. Coffee are standard PPP coffee - full bodied and not acidic which I like.


Curried chicken with arugula, onion, some sauce in toasted tortilla wrap with chips and add on avocado. Avocado is slightly expensive at $4.50 for slightly more than half of an avocado - as informed by the staff btw. I like how they slice the avocado thinly for you so it’s very easy to eat with the wrap.

Love the combination of Argula and onions with the refreshing sauce as it cuts through the “heaviness” of the curried chicken. Curried chicken reminds me of curry puff filling.

Portions are big. Chips are just normal chips - I rather have a side of greens (especially if it tasted as good as the greens in the wrap)

Flat white ($5.50) is good. I got the single origin (Papua New Guinea blend). Strong, full bodied, not acidic - just the way I like my coffee.

Staff are very friendly and the place is not big. I can imagine how crowded it will be on a weekend. I will definitely be back for the coffee and food.


Their gluten free waffles are made with almond, coconut, chia seeds, eggs and rice. I never imagined gluten free waffles can taste this good. They are soft, moist (if you like crispy waffles then this is not for you) and goes very well with their butter - which I love - and maple.

Scrambled eggs are creamy and nicely seasoned. The next time I come I will tell them to hold off the tomato paste (guess I still like it sweet instead of savoury).

Their cappuccino $5.50 for tall is good too. Hot, full bodied and not acidic.

I like that Tiann’s has no artificial flavouring/additives, trans fat, hydrogenated oil, lower sugar and they pride themselves on providing REAL GOOD FOOD. I will definitely be back.


Pumpkin pancake with coral lettuce, smoked salmon, poached eggs, hollandaise, tobiko roe.

The pancake itself is sweetened and goes well with the saltiness from the smoked salmon and tobiko toe.

I fell in love with their pumpkin pancake when I visited a year ago. It has since lost its magic.

The pancake now is mushy, much thicker and more like a “hotcake” served in many cafes nowadays. I did not enjoy the mushy texture.

As the pancake is HUGE there is not sufficient sauce and egg yolk to go with it and I ended up with more than half of “dry” pancake.

Sure, it may be more bang for my buck due to the bigger portion now but bring back the old pancake (or maybe chef in this case) please.

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Ordered a hot cappuccino ($6.50 large- 2 shots) and banana bread with espresso butter. ($10 for 3 slice)

Coffee was good - strong, creamy and fragrant. So good that I bought their white cold brew to go.
Banana bread is toasted and more bread like than cake like. Not the best banana bread but not bad - the butter saves the day as the bread itself is not too buttery/rich and cake like so it goes well with the butter.

Will definitely go back for the coffee, ambience and will try out the cakes/pastry the next time. They look good

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