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Eat Eat Eat

Eat Eat Eat

Featuring Waa Cow! Sushi Bar, Tamoya Udon (Liang Court), habitat by honestbee, Jia Bin Klang Bak Kut Teh, HEYTEA (ION Orchard), Picnic, Pizza Maru (Northpoint City), Jypsy, Yan Ji Seafood Soup (Far East Plaza), Gochi-So Shokudo (One Raffles Place)
Yishi Wang
Yishi Wang

Made by authentic Korea Mother and Son! It’s fried until just nice! Crispy and hot! The mozzarella cheese filling complements the crispy outside v well!
Highly recommended!
🤩overall rating: 9.5/10

- 烤面包,烤馒头
- 羊肉串
- 牛心管: been really missing this! Must order!
- 牛板筋
- 烤肥肠:Clean and flavourful! Must order!
- 烤多春鱼: Must order!
- 烤大虾
- 烤蘑菇
- 烤鱿鱼须:must order if you like squid!
- 鸡肉串
- 酸梅汤

🤩Overall rating: 7/10

Jade Pepper Q Fish 玉翠脆鱼: added yuba(腐竹)and enoki mushroom. This dry pot uses fresh green pepper and red & green chilli. The combination of fish and veggie is super matching! There are radish slices, konjac noodle, seaweed, king oyster mushroom, broccoli etc.
Would be nicer if they have more options for add-ons. Was craving for crab stick 😋😋😆
🤩Overall rating: 8.5/10. Recommended!

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Ordered lemon boom and orange boom.
The drinks are as expected, but what impressed us is the Brown Bobo! It’s full of the brown sugar flavour, very rich yet very refreshing! Highly recommended! ☄️☄️

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- crab stick tempura: giant crab stick tempura. We regretted only ordered one😂 Must order!
- prawn tempura: another must order! Prawn is huge and Super fresh! ❤️
- chicken karaage: one of the top 5 best selling tempura here, but I feel it’s too much chicken skin and fat, too little meat. Almost 4/5 skin...🥶A bit disappointing
- Beef udon: ordered regular bowl and there’s generous portion of beef. The noodle is Super chewy! Recommended! 😍
- curry beef udon: curry is not too thick or too thin, it’s just nice to coat every noodle evenly. Recommended if you like dry and saucy udon!
- Oden oden: nothing special
🤩Overall rating: 8.5/10 (minus 0.5 point as the owner makes us feel a need to eat fast, he’s very on the ball! )

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- Lychee Jelly: this is really the top 2 of all we ordered. You should try this if you are here! 😍
- Soy Wings: flavourful but a bit salty
- Skewers in Spicy Soup: worth trying once as the broth is quite unique
- Golden Lava Bun: the charcoal skin looks v pretty with the golden lava. Taste is good also. Should order!🤝🤝
- Braised Chicken Feet: normal
- Har Gau: normal

🤩overall rating: 6/10

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- King Prawn Dumpling: this has the most generous portion of prawn! Must order!
- Prawn Spinach Dumpling: The ingredients are so fresh! Must order if you like veggie! 🐷
- Phoenix claws: the claws are smaller compared to other places but it’s braised until just nice!
- Xiao Long Bao: it’s a lot bigger than usual Xiao Long bao, and a lot of meat inside
- Golden Egg yolk Lava Bun: we all agreed this is the best lava bun. Must order if you are here then you will know what we mean❤️❤️
- Crispy Golden Shrimp Roll: up to standard
- Queen Size Siew Mai: comes in 4 pcs, the rest all come in 3 pcs. Nice also
- Teow Cheow Style Steamed Dumpling: has lots of turnip. The ingredients felt so fresh and comes together really v well! Another must order!! 😋😋

🤩Overall rating: 9/10

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- Tom yum chicken hor fun (soup): The sour and spicy taste of Tom tum goes well with the stir fried hor fun. It’s a bit salty, but quite tasty.
- stuffed chicken wing: this is an interesting dish. The mid wing is boneless and filled with mined pork (I think). It’s a bit tasteless and with a bit of the unpleasant taste from pork. Interesting dish but not as good as expected
- crabmeat omelette: didn’t spot any crabmeat at all
- spicy mined pork with basil leaf: cannot go wrong, but no wow also

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- pork belly don: the pork is nicely coated with a charcoal smell and taste. But cannot really taste the tenderness of the special iberico Pork. Having said that, this dish is delicious as a normal pork belly don. Yummy!!
- Shabu Shabu: Im a shabu shabu lover! Really love that they have a generous portion of veggie ( got two pieces of corn!! 😋😋🐷) and meat. Their meat is mixed collar, belly and leaner meat option. Really recommended!

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Definitely one of the hidden gem in Din Tai Fung!
Must try but only available at a few places, and Northpoint city is one of them. 😋
Really love it a lot a lot a lot!

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Must try!
- Durian with pomelo sago: this is my all time favourite. The durian seems like Mao Shan Wang. It’s v fragrant and the portion is quite generous. It goes well with the ice cream also! Must try if you are here!
- Matcha Snow Ice: The Ice is soft and fluffy. Good overall😋


- Bak Kut Teh: The pig stomach is nice and tender, intestine is clean and tasty, pig tail is delicious as well! There’re not a lot of pork ribs, but I feel it’s just the right portion.
- spicy pork belly: The meat are very very thinly sliced. It’s almost like those meat you get for Shabu Shabu. Super fragrant! Recommended!
- 花雕鸡: very nicely seasoned, and almost a million times better than those dry claypot from old street.
- 腐竹&油条: the side dishes all got standard

I can imagine we going back here again already! The best herbal Bak Kut Teh in Singapore. 😋😋😋

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