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Katty L.
Katty L.

BBQ sauce was abit too thick as you can see from the pic. The meat was soft, comes off easily which was pleasant. Its not too dry as well. Wedges were overcooked and okay only. Also ordered the Wagyu Beef Burger. Thumbs up. Total bill amounted to $30 using Burpple 1 for 1.
We'll come back again to try other dishes!

Had the Wagyu Beef Burger and BBQ Baby Pork Ribs using Beyond 1 for 1. Both were not bad, we preferred the fries than the wedges. Only mistake was my bf chose 'medium well' for the Wagyu Beef and it was more undercooked than it should be. Total bill was $30 after discount.
Nice ambience, chill vibes and pretty quiet during weekdays lunch, no surprise.

Came back a second time. Had the Mexican Pulled Pork bowl served with smashed avocado, brown rice and corn while my bf had the Steak & Egg bowl. Both were good and value for money only with Beyond. Quiet place to have a nice chat but they close early at 7.45pm. Total bill $14 for 2 dishes using 1 for 1 Beyond.

Enjoyed Burpple beyond and we could DIY our don. Quite a wide range of options available. Pretty cheap and will visit again! Easily found the cafe at Raffles Place ($12 in total).

Quiet place due to the ongoing construction at Shaw House. Value for money with Burpple. Pasta at $9.30 and Pizza $14+. DIY at the same price too & you can choose as many ingredients as you want, they will portion it accordingly. Only bad is the pasta I had was too salty.

Had the Pulled Pork Egg Benedict and Steak & Egg bowl with my friend. Both were great, total bill amount to $14 with Beyond. Definitely worth it. However they close pretty early before 8pm.

$23 in total for 2 dishes.
Nice place to chill with your friends with a few card games available. Duck serving is quite small and pulled pork burger is a little plain as its just the bun with pork and cabbage. It wasnt truffle fries as described below but overall still a great cafe experience!

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1 for 1, 7-course meal at $78++.
Boyfriend really really enjoyed the Wagyu Marble score 7-8 Tri tip and the Char Siew (beef ribs)! It was tender, juicy and flavorful.
We were served a small serving of passionfruit sorbet to clear our palette which really helped before the REAL DEAL - Wagyu beef steak.
Creme brulee foie gras tasted interesting.
Loved the choc lava cake too, though would prefer if there's no raspberry within.
Pretty small place hence reservation is highly recommended. Ambience can be nicer but it does get cozier at night.


We didn't have to use beyond as their 1-for-1 lunch set amounted to almost the same. We had pork chop and brick chicken(chicken breast).
They served complimentary warm bread which was a delight to us. Brick chicken was hard to cut but wasn't that tough, and it came along with a simple salad. Pork chop portion was huge. Quiet ambience.
Won't pay full price for it.

(sry for blur image)
Linguine Pesto Chicken and Spaghetti Carbonara were both too creamy. Taste was just okay, average but wouldn't pay full px for it.
Chill vibes. Didnt try the beverages.

Baked chicken stew was great, a wholesome meal of carbo and protein.
My bf finds the chilli crab pasta not bad but not thatt fantastic.
Overall cafe ambience was cozy & chill and it wasn't crowded on a Saturday night 😊

Decent meal, too pricey if full price without using burpple beyond. Paid around $10. Quite a filling portion. Rotisserie chicken was slightly dry.

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