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Featuring The Coffee Academics (Raffles City), Littlepo, Picnic, HEYTEA (ION Orchard), Wheat Baumkuchen ([email protected]), % Arabica (Arab Street), 724 Ang Mo Kio Central Market & Food Centre, HEYTEA (Clarke Quay), The Alley Luxe (Cineleisure), Jack's Place (nex)
Loong Wye Kwan
Loong Wye Kwan

Iced yuku drink ($2.50)

Not too sweet, quite refreshing. Quite alot of real yuzu peels inside for the nice bite and taste.

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Pearl has a brown sugar, caramel taste to it. It’s too chewy for my liking. The drink is not overly sweet.

Black and white milkshake ($6.90)

Black and white is chocolate mixed vanilla.

Felt the consistency too thick, and it was really toooooo sweet. Wont order this again, rather drink at Mos Burger!

Mango juice

Made from mango syrup. Too sweet!

Ordered Milk Tea (black tea+ cream) with grass Jelly. $4.70.
Sugar level is just 0% 50% and 100%. 50% is not too sweet.

Grass jelly tastes okay. Milk tea tastes mainly of milk, cannot really taste the tea.

Prefer other brands (eg Heytea) over this. Expect a queue during after lunch peak hours.

Short Spanish Latte ($7.80):
A good cup of well blended latte!

Brown sugar milk with pearl

Not too sweet, can taste the brown sugar which has a nice caramel taste.

Golden Phoenix ($5.50):
✅ Cheese is not overly sweet or salty and goes perfectly with the tea, which is strong enough for my liking!

Pepper Agave Latte ($6++):
✅ Latte with a kick of grounded black pepper! Acquired taste.. but i like it

Soya bean grass jelly drink ($1.20 for big cup)

Just the right amount of sweetness and super worth it for the price.

Iced mocha ($7.50)

Tastes good and thick enough.

Milktea Boboshake ($5.90):
✅ Strong tea flavour
✅ Right amount of sweetness
✅ Soft and chewy pearls