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Lunch + Snacks

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Tamara C
Tamara C

For a place called Bread Street you'd think there would be more bread dishes.. 🤔 Even though the ingredients were good and they were accommodating to our dietary restrictions, it was still a bit of a disappointing meal.

One of my favourite egg sandwiches in SG!! The eggs are such amazing quality that they don't need much else for flavour. The whipped egg white for the Ultimate Egg Rice is unlike anything I've ever experienced!!

Never had a croque monsieur with a croissant before!!! And I super super appreciate that they were able to accommodate our request of no ham as often these dishes are preprepared and they are not able to remove it.. I really enjoyed this and felt it was the perfect level of filling with out being too much.

The egg was VERY soft boiled and not as cooked as I would have preferred my poached eggs to be, or rather as poached eggs are usually served (in my experience). The English muffin as well was very small in comparison to the salmon and egg. Lastly the hollandaise sauce I suspect was made with olive oil and was more like an aioli sauce instead as I found the sauce to have an overwhelming taste of olive oil which I found to be really distracting. Overall a disappointment really as I've enjoyed meals here before...!

I love seeing more gluten free options popping up all over SG!! These buckwheat galettes were so tasty and crispy and go really well with their savoury toppings. I only wish you could also order their dessert crepes with the buckwheat batter too! Just to make the whole menu more gluten intolerant friendly.

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Supposedly this is the Malaysian version which is on the spicier side, but to be honest I didn't notice much difference!!! It was very good thought and I loved the amount of egg given. The whole mini food court is not bad but feels a bit like a bougie food court...

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Waffles definitely were reminiscent of churros in smell but not in taste which was fine, as they are usually deep fried and that was not the taste we wanted. The lemonade was delightful and did not have a bandung taste from the rose, which with the lemonade would have been strange. And the foam with the tea was delightful!!!! Lovely place to eat and work in!!

The gula melaka infused espresso shot enhances the tasty pandan coconut milk drink just a tiny bit, but even without the coffee it still tastes really good. It basically an expensive dairy free pandan milkshake. Still glad I tried it though!

I rarely drink black coffee and when I do it's a coldbrew with some kind of cream. This coffee though NEEDS to be had black. IT DOESN'T EVEN TASTE LIKE COFFEE!!!! I was told by the barista that it would taste silky and like a lemon tea and he was 10000% correct. AMAZING.

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You know the falafel and pita are gonna be legit when the Israeli guy kindly shouts in your face to eat a the free falafel he just handed you. 😂 Pretty sure this sandwich had about 6 falafels in it which is AWESOME and I definitely prefer 6 small than 3 big - which some places do. Would have preferred less of the pickle though but that's just me.


Came upon this place while looking to have lunch with some vegan friends and was surprised with how good it was! I had the brinjal and lady fingers, vegetable and tofu nonya curry, and the lion's mane mushroom rendang. The rendang was a bit on the sweet side but the mushroom behaved so much like beef rendang!!!! Great value for vegans ans vegetarians in central!!

The amazing part here is how the rice tastes just like legit chicken rice AND the beancurd skin manages to taste like the real thing too!!! We ordered 2 portions so I think the single portion would be quite small unless you ordered something else on the side.

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