Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar

Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar
melmel eats
melmel eats

Super pricey omg 😱 min order was for 2 pax and this was the price for 2 pax. Yes the beef short rib was cooked to a super soft texture but also yes that this dish is SUPER salty. I don’t know how anyone can just eat this dish on its own. We added a bowl of rice to accompany this dish!

Deep fried pollack fries with Korean shishito peppers and coated with sweet chilli oil. Strong on flavours and great as a bar snack/taken w alcohol. But I did find it a tad bit too chewy.

Expensive and we couldn’t taste the cheese at all even though we added $3 for it. It was also mentioned that there’s prawns but there was barely any…

Well-fried and very crunchy and great seasoning, served with garlic shoots. Enjoyable but didn’t really see or taste the Korean in this 😅

A supposedly refreshing one but the red snapper here was dotted with yuja-marinated seaweed and barley makjang and ended up being on the salty side of things :(

I always knew this place as being famous for selling muffins but who knew that their beancurd tarts are actually pretty tasty as well?! I’m not sure of the price as this was bought by someone else! But I think it should be around $1-$2! Loved the smooth egg custard filling and it has the right sweetness!!!

With a variety of savouries including Sakura Ebi Carrot Cake, Rempah Udang Lemper, Truffle Chickpea Mousse Tartlet, Smoked Salmon Muffin, Angus Beef on Sourdough and sweets like Kueh Lapis, Pandan Swissroll, Dark Chocolate custard puff and a choice of TWG tea, this works out to be a pretty filling tea time set! Recommend!

Super flavourful and drenched with a thick, flavourful gravy. It leans towards the sweeter rather than savoury side! But there’s more cucumber slices than usual and I like that the chilli sauce is also slightly sour!

So worth it for what it is!! Comes with butter rice, a pappadum, lentil stew, French beans and chargrilled chicken! Love the variety of dishes here and would definitely be back to try their daily specials :)

🎊 🎈 Did you manage to get a cup of your favourite bubble tea today? 🤗 If no, tomorrow’s not too late, you can join in on the post-National-Bubble-Tea-Day celebrations 😹

Featured in this picture are my ✌🏼 favourite bubble tea drinks from @woobbee - Herbalmint Milk Tea ($4.10) and Guava Plum Green Tea + Aloe ($4.10)! Besides having unique drinks, they are also offering your drinks in glass bottles (instead of the usual plastic cups), in a bid to save Mother Earth 🌏! This means... you get to kill 2 birds with one stone 🦅 - you get a free glass bottle (peipakao bottle) and 30 cents off your drink! 😉

[Do note that the glass bottles promotion will be ongoing until stocks are finished!]

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Hailing from Hokkaido 🇯🇵, @naganumaiceco is the most popular soft serve shop in the prefecture which uses RAW MILK 🐄 (Healthier and better for digestion!) Come first week of December, it’s brick and mortar shop will officially be opened at Carlton City Hotel, a short 2 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station! 🍦 Think 6 soft serves and 12 gelato flavours such as milk 🥛 , melon 🍈 , matcha 🍵 and even red bean! If you’re feeling a lil fancy you can get their creme brûlée rich milk soft serve ($8) as well which is torched on order!🔥

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I had my doubts about these plain-looking baked donuts without all the sugar icing and fancy ornaments but this actually worked for me with the subtle whiff of 🍵! Did it work for you? 🧐

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