Featuring Miam Miam (Bugis Junction), Sun with Moon (Wheelock Place), Takashimaya Square (Takashimaya), Kumoya, Resorts World Sentosa, Hopscotch (Gillman Barracks), Lewin Terrace, The Queen & Mangosteen, Kyoaji Japanese Dining (111 Somerset), Pool Grill (Marriott Singapore)
Florence Sjah
Florence Sjah

Last week I visited @cavemen_sg for the first time and had a pleasant dining experience. Cavemen is a restaurant/bar complete with a gourmet butchery next door.

For the starter, we had Burrata with grilled tomatoes, shio kombu, and basil. The kombu added an interesting texture and flavor to the burrata. We had a refreshing mocktail called The Lavender, Basil, & Bees to go with this dish.

As for the mains, we selected a steak from the butchery next door, and the restaurant cooked it for us (cooking charges applies). This USDA Prime Ribeye was dry-aged for 40 days with Jim Beam Bourbon. I loved how the steak was grilled perfectly: very tender, lightly seasoned, and I could smell the bourbon aroma clearly.

To accompany the steak, we ordered a cocktail called Old Street. Made of Grants Whisky, Shiraume Umeshu, and Sweet Vermouth, this drink’s smokiness went very well with the meat.

I still can’t get over the cuteness of the plating.😆♥️

The Snoopy popup cafe will be around until September 2019. Do visit for their highly instagrammable food & drinks.

🔸Snoopy Sleep Tight Mushroom Sauce Rice with Roasted Chicken: $27.90

Thanks to @kumoya_singapore @kevin_the_hiak for having me. #burpple #dinewithflorence #kumoyasg #snoopy #snoopymania #foodpornshare #foodphotography #foodbeast #snoopygrams #singaporeinsiders #straitstimesfood #tslmakan

The owner believes in the importance of serving good food with high quality ingredients. He even searched high and low for the best bread in Singapore. No wonder the bread that was used in the Avocado Toast & Chilli Crab Scramble was so yummy!😋👍 •
Besides serving brunch items, they also have drinks such as Kombucha, Gummy Bear, and many more. More review on Cheeky to come!

🔸Chilli Crab Scramble: $15
🔸Smashed Avocado Toast: $18 🌟

Thanks to @cheeky_allday @timmehchew @esth3r_esth3r for having me. #dinewithflorence #burpple #brunch #brunchgoals #brunch🍴 #brunchtime #weekendbrunch #brunching #cheekyallday #singaporeinsiders #tslmakan #8days_eat #straitstimesfood #foodphotography

Minako at @singpostcentre fit the bill! They offer classic Japanese dishes such as curries, teriyaki bowls, and katsudon.

🔸Pork Shabu Set $11.90
🔸Chicken Katsu Curry Rice $7.90
🔸Pork Katsu Curry Omelette $9.90
🔸Teriyaki Chicken Bowl $7.90
🔸Teriyaki Salmon Bowl $10.90
🔸Pork Katsu Don $8.90
🔸Oyako Don $7.90

Thanks to @singaporefoodlisting @singpostcentre and Minako for hosting. #dinewithflorence #burpple #singpostcentre #japanesefood #japanesefoodlover #ramen #curry #foodpornshare #foodphotography #foods #foodlover #japanesecurry #japanesefoods

Only Mon-Fri, 12pm-3pm, excluding PH. My favorite dish was the Moroccan Chicken. •
Choice of dishes:
🔸Steak Sandwich: sliced beef, roma tomatoes, wild rocket
🔸Ratatouille Gratin: roasted pumpkin, eggplant, zucchini, cheese in tomato sauce
🔸Grilled Moroccan Chicken: with couscous & spicy tomato sauce 🌟
🔸Pan Seared Snapper Loin: served with tarragon butter cream sauce
🔸Ploughman’s Salad: rocket leaves, ham, blue cheese, honey mustard dressing

Thanks to @thequeenandmangosteen @favesofficial for having me. #dinewithflorence #thequeenandmangosteen #favesofficial #lunchideas #foodpornshare #foodlover #foodstagram #foodies #burpple #foodphotography #singaporefood #singaporeinsiders

Its Executive Chef, John Phua, created dishes to represent “The Taste of Kyoto”. I’m in love with their Chirashi Zushi! All the raw ingredients were fresh and beautifully plated.😍 The Maguro Aburi Maki were nicely seared and topped with tobiko.👍

🔸Chirashi Zushi: $38
🔸Shiro Maguro Aburi Maki: $22

Thanks to @kyoajisg and @esth3r_esth3r for having me. #dinewithflorence #burpple #singaporeinsiders #thesmartlocal #tslmakan #straitstimesfood #japanesefood #japanesefoodlover #foodphotography #foodlover #foodstagram #foodies

Time to indulge in your favorite dessert!😛 I’ve found a new gelato shop near my place, @denzygelato. They’re located only 5 min walk from Bishan MRT, and they serve interesting flavours inspired by the owners’ travels. Besides gelato, they also serve waffles, coffees, and affogato.🍦☕️

My favorite flavours from them are Whisky & Salted Pecan Brittle and Ruby Chocolate & Raspberries. Their Persian Prince is another interesting one, infused with almond and saffron that have been stone-ground for 10 hours!🌟 If you like sour flavours, I think you’ll like Elderflower Mojito. Do give them a try, as their prices are reasonable too.🥳

🔸Single scoop: $3.60
🔸Double scoop: $6.40
Add $0.50 for cone
🔸Affogato: $6

From now till 5 Aug 2019, quote DENZY15 to get 15% off bill.

❗️Denzy Gelato
506 Bishan St 11, #01-404

Thanks to @denzygelato @boldprandevents @venaamorisvii @esth3r_esth3r for having me. #dinewithflorence #burpple #denzygelato #boldprandevents #icecream #desserttable #dessertoftheday #desserts #gelato #waffles #dessert #dessertgram

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Congratulations to @jollibean_sg for the opening of its first franchise at The Seletar Mall! Located at #B2-K1, now Sengkang peeps have more quick breakfast options!🎉🥳🥳

Thanks to @jollibean_sg @wishuponatart for having me. #dinewithflorence #burpple #jollibeansg #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthybreakfast #healthysnacks #healthylifestyle #breakfast #breakfastideas #foodphotography

Only from now until 14 July, from 12pm to 11pm (till 1am on Thur, Fri, Sat).

Here are some of the food that I had:
🔸@monkicafeholland’s Braised Pork Rice: $7
🔸@kechasg’s Brown Sugar Flaming Creme Brulee Milk Tea: $5.90
🔸@burgersandheads’ Waterboy: $10
🔸Ah Siong Gourmet’s QQ Dark Sauce Noodles: $6 🔸@the6ixsrosti’s Classic Rosti with Smoked Duck: $9
🔸@the6ixsrosti’s Beef Arayes Wrap: $12

Jio your friends to participate in eating competitions, lucky draws, carnival games, and rides on the 9.3m carousel!🤪🎉 There’ll be live music acts by Ministry of DJs too!

📍Nom Nom Nom
Shaw House
Urban Plaza
Level 1 Foyer

Thanks to Luke @saffron.comm and for having me. #NomNomNomSG #dinewithflorence #foodgasm #carnival #burpple #foodphotography #foodpornshare #foodpornography #foodstagram #hotdog #foods #foodies

There’s a new Thai claypot restaurant at Rangoon Road that just opened recently, @jokjokmor. •
You can choose your soup base- Tom Yum, Mak Kum (spicy & tangy, my fave out of the 3), and Ew Khao (light soy sauce). Then, choose either porridge or Mama instant noodles as the carb (noodles for me!). Finally, choose either chicken, pork, seafood or vegetables as your topping.🍜🍲

Thanks to @jokjokmor and @wishuponatart for having me. #dinewithflorence #burpple #thaifood #thai #thaifoodstagram #foodphotography #foodstagram #foods #foodies #foodblogger #foodpornshare #tslmakan #8dayseat #straitstimesfood #singaporeinsiders


Love the cafe interior (Snoopy plushies available for snuggling!) and super cute plating! •

The Snoopy popup cafe will be around until September 2019. Do visit for their instagrammable mains & desserts.🥰

🔸Snoopy Matcha Madness Azuki Lava Cake: $17.90
🔸Snoopy Sizzling Seafood Tempura with Japanese Curry Rice: $24.90
🔸Snoopy’s Doghouse Fantasy Ebi Burger: $23.90
🔸Watch-the-World-Go-By Iced Flower Blossom Tea with Cranberry Juice: $11.90

Thanks to @kumoya_singapore @kevin_the_hiak for having me. #burpple #kumoyasg #dinewithflorence #foodgasm #desserttable #dessertoftheday #desserts #dessert #snoopy #cafestagram #cafehopping #foodphotography #foodstagram #dessertoftheday

I had a blast trying so many local favourites:
🔸@burgersandheads’ Impossible Inferno Slider: $15 🌟the famous Impossible plant based burger patty!
🔸@beefbro_sg’s Cheesy Mentaiko Beef Cubes: $17 🌟
🔸Ah Siong Gourmet’s QQ Dark Sauce Noodles: $6 🌟
🔸@the6ixsrosti’s Salted Egg Rosti with Chicken Bratwurst: $11
🔸@monkicafeholland’s Braised Pork Rice: $7
🔸@churrosrepublic’s Creme Brulee Churros
🔸@kechasg’s Brown Sugar Flaming Creme Brulee Milk Tea

Besides the gastronomic adventure, you can also look forward to eating competitions, lucky draws, live music acts by DJs from Ministry of DJs, and rides on the 9.3m carousel. Go have fun with your friends and family!🤩🙌

📍Nom Nom Nom
Shaw House
Urban Plaza
Level 1 Foyer

Thanks to Luke @saffron.comm and for having me. #NomNomNomSG #dinewithflorence #saffroncomm #singaporeinsiders #burgers #burgersandfries #burpple #desserttable #dessertoftheday #carnival #foodgasm #foodlover #foodies

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