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Coffee N Chill ✨

Coffee N Chill ✨

Featuring One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), The Coffee Academics (Scotts Square), The Assembly Ground, The Coffee Academics, The Assembly Ground
D & N
D & N

This seemed like a twist to the classic berry ricotta pancakes, with the addition of espresso orange butter. The butter was quite a thick spread and tasted more like a lemon paste, would have been better if the coffee aroma was thicker. The lemon taste was quite rich, I ended up putting some butter aside. I loved how they added muesli granola to give some crunch to the otherwise sweet and soft pancake. Worth a try!

This was served in a cute frying pan and we loved it! Quite yummy but the rosti could be more crispy. It ended up being very stringy and hard to cut. Was a little oily, but overall still fairly tasty when eaten together with smoked salmon. Got this as part of a 1 for 1 deal and I will be back to try the other dishes at oriole!

We expected a small plate but this appetizer was surprisingly a large portion and was yummy too!! Each shiitake mushroom was breaded and pan fried nicely without being too oily and it went very well with the dip!

Classic eggs ben on rosti instead of bread! Quite a lovely mix. The eggs and ham were quite standard (but still yummy) and the rosti was done well- crispy and not too oily! We enjoyed it and even though it looks like a small portion, it turned out to be quite filling too! Good meal!

This was quite an interesting pizza! Honestly I expected more laksa flavors but this was a fairly mild pizza. There were hard boiled egg slices, fish cakes, prawns and squid- all resembling what you could expect in a bowl of laksa- but I still felt that the laksa coconut flavour wasn’t strong enough. Overall not too bad, worth trying!

THIS WAS THE BEST!! The name describes just how it was. Umami flavors were strong for this tasty dish sprinkled with shio konbu bonito flakes for that Japanese fusion touch! I loved the sweet shrimp XO sauce that went amazingly well when mixed with the onsen egg yolk in all its golden glory. Super good, but fairly spicy!! Love it!!!!


This was really yummy! Slightly spicier than expected, but really loved it regardless. Generous amounts of cheese with chili crab sauce atop a crispy thin crust- our tummies were so happy!! Got this with beyond 1 for 1 and it was such a good deal! Would definitely recommend!!


TCA Signature blend coffee with Okinawa brown sugar! It was not too sweet and the brown sugar taste added a nice touch! Coffee aroma was strong as expected and I loved the layered presentation! Would order again!

This was an interesting rendition of a seafood pasta with the crunchy hae bee hiam bits. The sauce was also very flavorful and the portion of seafood (squid, prawns, clams) were generous. Was so tasty we finished the plate in like 5 minutes. Would order again!!

This was really good! Mac & cheese was fried to golden brown and we loved how the poached egg added a somewhat smooth texture to each bite! The chicken was also done very well, very tender and seasoned very well! Yum!!!

Super worth 1 for 1 on beyond! Tried the highly raved salted caramel french toast and gashouse eggs, definitely did not disappoint!! 👍🏻👍🏻

Gashouse eggs was really a very good mix of runny egg wrapped in melted cheesey goodness 😍 bacon jam also had the right amount of savoury feels to go with it.

French toast was very fluffy and went very well with the salted caramel dip 🙌🏻 personally found it a little dry and crumbly inside, but it’s ok if paired with the caramelized bananas.

Coffee was mediocre, a bit acrid.

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D & N

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