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splurging 😛🤭

splurging 😛🤭

A list of restaurants that are honestly out of my budget but I still tried them anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️
meggie mee
meggie mee

finally tried the impossible patty! i was shocked by how much it tastes like beef and am honestly willing to pay for it because i can eat it guilt-free 🤧💓 however, it can be expensive without Burpple’s Beyond

we also got the crab pizza but i wouldn’t order it again

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The dumplings were p tasty but in general i thought the dish was just okay. I guess the dish isn’t something I would crave or order again 😬 As mentioned by others, the portions can be p small if you’re really hungry.

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the spread was pretty good but the individual food items were not mind-blowing or anything. personally, i love the kind of food that was offered but i was quite disappointed with how they tasted. i probably wouldn’t go back again haha 🤭

the garlicky chicken was recommended by the waiter, but personally i thought it was just okay. it was pretty tender and the skin was crispy but the sauce didn’t really come through. portions were big!

my family really liked this! can’t remember what it was called but it’s kinda spicy and came w seaweed rice. my family also really liked the seaweed rice. would definitely order this again!

we ordered the nest snow and i can’t remember what the other was called, i think it was some soya sauce chicken w rice? i honestly wouldn’t order this again, i only tried it because i had the burpple 1-for-1.

The french toast was really different from the typical ones! The only downside is that I don’t think the bread was fried in eggs? At least that’s what I expect french toast to be. Otherwise, the jam was really good and they were generous when it came to the toppings.

Be warned that the place can get really warm and humid!

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We could smell the truffle from the traditional stuffed roman schiacciata the moment it was placed on our table 🤤 however, i felt that the cheese was really little and not as cheesy as I expected. In my opinion, it was more like cream found in pasta dishes. Felt a little disappointed! Also tried the lasagna but the pasta was overcooked so it felt like I was basically eating mashed potato with minced meat and cheese 😬

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