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📍Sawasdee Chiangmai 🇹🇭

📍Sawasdee Chiangmai 🇹🇭

Collection of food from my visit to Chiangmai - April 2019
Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee

The salted egg craze has hit Chiangmai as well apparently. There were quite a few salted egg snacks on the shelves, so I picked a random one to try.

This particular brand has pretty small criss-cut chips. However, don’t let their size fool you. They’re great! I love that they’re criss-cut as the thickness gives you more to chew and allows you to savour the salted egg flavouring, which is extremely strong and fragrant. It’s also legitimately spicy for a potato chip, and my low spice tolerance friend was gasping for milk after some time although her heart wanted to keep eating these addictive chips. Honestly prefer this over the salted egg potato chips I’ve tried in Singapore so far. Should’ve bought more of these!

Filling was thick and quite a good ratio with the bun, but overall I didn’t enjoy this due to the strong yeast smell from the bun.

Coconut + Taro are essentially both things I love in one bun so I had to get this. While it wasn’t bad for an affordable and convenient breakfast or snack from 7-Eleven, it wasn’t particularly satisfying. While the bun was soft, and the amount of thick tarp filling with small chewy cubes of coconut were decent and not too sweet, there seemed to be a strong yeasty smell from the bun.

I’d go for the Farmhouse donuts or one of the numerous pocket sandwiches and toasties at 7-Eleven instead of this!

Check out that thick creamy chocolate (so thick it’s almost a paste-like texture) interior in the moist donut.

Perfect affordable little treat at only SGD0.60 in 7-Eleven Thailand.

Every country’s 7-Eleven is different and a total adventure to step into. I was spoiled for choice in Chiangmai’s extensive range of breads, cakes, sandwiches and toasties.

This chocolate donut caught my eye, and it costs less than a dollar (approx SGD0.60). The donut is super moist and a little sticky, but it is indeed soft and chocolatey, especially with the thick chocolate filled interior!

For only 12 baht, I think this is an amazing little treat for quick light breakfast or a snack. I’d pick this over KK or other donuts any day!

Only realised that this was a product of Malaysia AFTER bringing it back to Singapore, but it was too late. Anyway, no regrets buying these biscuits from the local supermarket Rimping as they’re really good! They’re individually wrapped, so it’s great for snacking and sharing with colleagues or family. The chocolate/butter mixed biscuits are filled with a thick coffee chocolate cream, which complements the biscuit and isn’t too strong in taste. You don’t even have to heat the biscuit up to melt the cream! We demolished this pack in a day at the office, so my only regret is not buying more, but I guess a trip across the causeway can easily solve this!

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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