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Asian Food in Singapore

Asian Food in Singapore

Featuring Maxwell Food Centre, Victor's Kitchen (Sunshine Plaza), Hawker (Esplanade Mall), Heng Long Teochew Porridge (North Bridge Road)
Sam -
Sam -

3 bowls of porridge with salted egg, steamed egg, omelette, spicy minced pork, cabbage, sweet and sour pork and steamed fish!

Most of the dishes were warm except for the sweet and sour pork, perfect for a rainy evening!

$29.50 for the entire table of feast

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Thought this was pretty legit! The chilli crab sauce over the crab patty with the fried mantou as the bun makes it really convenient to have a small taste of the chilli crab dish 🦀🌶️

A little pricey about $8.50 for ala carte and $10.50 for the meal. Oh if you're getting the meal with mash potato, do note that it's the instant kind that leaves you with instant regrets.

Not too bad as well, costs about $8.90! The entire ambiance and experience is quite worthwhile. There are other pricier food there, such as seafood or steaks.

It costs around $8 for a meal here, and you order only through the app. There are minimal human interactions. Thought it was quite a hassle to find where the shop is, especially when it's so crowded.

Food is not bad. The entire experience of grocery shopping and eating enabled by tech is quite worthwhile.

Love the texture of this congee topped with the little bits of brown thingys, green onions and sesame oil. The texture is thick and gooey, may not be for everyone.

Not a crowded place, food was not too bad! Tried the har gow, xiao long bao, yam cake, chee cheong fun, egg tart! Will go back again. This is payable only by cash!

Sam -

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