Invited Tastings

Invited Tastings

Featuring The Assembly Ground (The Cathay), Supply & Demand (Orchard Gateway), The Communal Place, Perch (Jewel Changi Airport), Hey! I Am Yogost (Suntec City), Enjoy Eating House & Bar (Mercure on Stevens), (Maxwell Chambers), Hard Rock Cafe (Cuscaden), Supply & Demand (Novena), Good Bites
Jason Ng
Jason Ng

Back at @fangkocoffee and the food and coffee we had was satisfying 😍

The Wet Indomie with Chimken ($11) was the upgrade I needed. As an Indomie lover, I liked how the signature taste profile was kept, but upgraded with a sweet savoury and eggy sauce. The smashed chicken was slightly crispy on the edges, not dry and flavoured well with their sambal. I got only level 0 spice and it's already quite spicy for me! The portion is quite huge as well.

The Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah ($14) features aromatic coconut rice with good fried chicken! The chicken had a crispy exterior with meat within that is not dry. I am happy to note that they seasoned their chicken meat well, as it had flavour all the way to the bone. As expected, their sambal was fiery with a good citrus kick.

To cool off the spice, their Fangko Melaka Brew ($11) is one good option. Creamy, aromatic yet not too sweet, the coffee notes complemented the Gula Melaka very well. This larger bottle is definitely enough for 2 to share!

Thank you @fangkocoffee for the invite! Will be back to try your other coffee variations 😍

A chocolate speciality store, @chocoelfchocolate definitely ticked many check boxes when it comes to their chocolate desserts. We tried a variety and were impressed!

The Hazelnut Chocolate Tart ($8.50) was our favourite. The hazelnut chocolate within was melty and was very rich and nutty. It was not too sweet and the tart crust was crispy! Hazelnuts were fresh as well!

We ordered 2 Iced chocolate drinks, one classic dark ($7) and another classic dark mint ($8). They were extremely rich and chocolatey, and the taste of the chocolate is really decadent. As much as it was delicious, they got really heavy and I feel like it would be perfect for 2 to share a cup 😂 the dark mint would be perfect for mint lovers as it just shouts MINT😂

We got the Chocolate Bark ($6 each) as well, and the pink Ruby Jewel was interesting due to its sour notes.

Come here if you like your chocolate! Thank you @scalemicroinfluencers for inviting!

Tried and @thebreadracksg new Matcha series and I was SOLD. Even my parents who don't really fancy pastries liked them as well!

The Matcha Raspberry Crossiant came rather huge and they were stuffed with matcha and raspberry cream. Though the matcha flavour is subtle, the tangy citrus raspberry flavour complemented the sweet cream so well! It got me craving for more 😍 the pastry may not be crispy after leaving it overnight, but it was fluffy!

The Matcha Vanilla Cube was also another delight. This time the cream is slightly different, as the matcha taste was stronger and it was more aromatic with the vanilla within! It was also sweeter than the former.

Thank you for the delicious bakes! Definitely coming back to try out your other creations 😍

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If you are around the area and crave something comforting, @gochiongseafood got you covered with their fish meat hotpot (starting from $38)! Although it took a while to arrive, it came with a variety of ingredients such as yam, vegetables and both fried fish head pieces and fresh fish slices. The soup is hearty and although it was not as flavourful at the start, it was much better after putting in the fish and green vegetables. Great to share among a larger group!

I believe they can do good zichar dishes, as the Yang Zhou Fried Rice ($6) we got was superb. With a strong wok hei, the rice was also flavourful and had the right bouncy texture. The portion was pretty big with crunchy crystal prawns!

If I am around the area, I would come back for their zichar dishes 😁

Thank you @scalemicroinfluencers for inviting and @gochiongseafood for the food!

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Celebrate CNY with your family with @tanameracoffeesg 'sTraditional Lou Hei Set ($45.80)! It was a scrumptious and generous one, as it was made in house. I love how they were very generous with the smoked salmon pieces; definitely enough for everyone 😂

If you do pop by the Robertson Quay outlet, do try their Squid Ink Rice ($20.80) as well! I absolutely loved every part of the dish as they were all well executed. The fried rice itself had a strong wok hei, with a strong savoury seafood flavour. The spice level was also just nice. The beef ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender, and they were so well marinated. The sambal was very aromatic, perfect with the crackers!

For the sweet tooth, the Coconut Milk Pancake ($15.80) is good for sharing and the pancake is soft with a rich aromatic coconut fragrance. However, I do wish that the pancake was less dense and fluffier. If not, it is a good dessert!

Thank you @burpple for inviting and @tanameracoffeesg for the food! We enjoyed ourselves very much 😁

Had such a good time at @arizesg and we loved their food, drinks and live band performance! Here are some of our favourites:

Grilled Chicken Chop with Brown Demi Sauce ($12.80) - the chicken chop itself was pretty huge and I loved how there was a slight smokiness and the skin was crispy while the meat remained succulent. The sauce was very memorable, due to its rich savoury flavour. Fries were addictive too!

Arize's Applewood Smoked NZ Ribeye ($26.80) - the smokiness is much more prominent in this one and the meat was moderately tender and definitely flavourful. Mash and corn were done decently well too.

Meal aside, you can't leave this place without trying their drinks as well as their small bites with the live band performance! The performance starts at 8pm on Tues, Fri and Sat. Here are some beer and bar bites we have had:

Geisshugel Lager/Ale ($12.80/pint) - I'm surprised that their beer is from the microbrewery at Level 33 and it was splendid. The lager was rather light and very smooth and crisp. The ale was even better, as it isn't overly hoppy and was actually very smooth towards the end without giving the huge bitter aftertaste.

Cheesy Fries ($7.80) - this came in a generous portion and was devoured within minutes. Generous splatter of cheese and crispy yet fluffy fries... What's there to not like! In fact we were all very happy with their generous portions of bar food and prices!

Definitely coming back here to have a good time with the food, beers and live band performance. This place definitely has the good vibes for a relaxing night with loved ones! Thank you @eatwithkeat for inviting and @arizesg for the amazing spread!

We had a good time at @supplydemandnovena , trying out several dishes including items from their exclusive passholder menu (marked by 🎴) and their weekend small bites brunch menu (marked by ☀️). Here are our favourites:

Spicy Bokkeum Stir-fry 🎴 ($8.90) - this is one dish I don't mind getting regularly for work lunches. The stir fry was moderately spicy and comforting, and the pork collar meat was tender and drenched in this satisfying kimchi sauce. The rice was topped with a perfect sunny side up too! Definitely a filling meal.

Pumpkin Pesto 🎴 ($16.90) - I love thin crust pizzas and this was decent too. The crust was soft and fluffy and was topped generously with ingredients. Although the pesto flavour was subtle, the large amount of savoury cheese made up for it. The pizza was quite huge and would make a good sharing dish!

Cheeseburger Inspired Fries ($17) - now this is the ultimate sharing dish for groups. The thick cut fries were addictive due to its satisfyingly crispy exterior and soft fluffy centre, and they were blanketed with a thick layer of cheese for extra richness and beef balls for the extra meatiness.

Mexican Punch ☀️ ($7.90) - to wash all of the greasiness down, the Mexican Punch did the trick. At an unbeatable price, the cocktail came in a big cup and was very refreshing for the afternoon heat. I could taste the alcohol too! A lovely tropical drink for everyone to enjoy.

As the cafe was located on a rather quiet side of Novena, this cafe is good to escape from the traffic noise and chill with friends and loved ones. Thank you @supplydemandnovena for the food and for inviting!

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Ever tried Eastern European cuisine before? is a great place to start, with its chill ambience and great food 😍

My favourite out of all got to be the Salo ($14.90), which was some kind of cold pork belly which was super addictive. The slices were very tender and succulent, and I loved the savoury cured flavour. Pair them with mustard and their sourdough, and you got yourself a fancy appetiser!

Their Dumpling Combo Platter ($17.90) was also a great sharing dish. I love how the dumpling skin was bouncy with a great mouthfeel. The meat within was pretty succulent as well. Loved the beef one with mayo!

The Zharkoe ($27.90) came in a big bread bowl, and it was filled with cheese, potato and a very hearty pork stew. This is one good dish to share and can be very filling.

If you need a drink, the Triple Vodka Martini ($25) is one option. This was quite strong and the Lemon flavour didn't taste too artificial!

It was a great meal at Kapitan 😍 Thank you for the food and @smolbelly for inviting!

[PROMO CODE BELOW] Had a huge feast at @8degreesatsg and we were all so satisfied by the food and drinks!

I actually don't usually enjoy the Taiwan style Mee Sua, but the Chitterling and Oyster Mee Sua ($7) at 8 degrees really changed my opinion. It was flavourful and really hearty, and I like how the intestines were fresh and the oysters were plump and juicy! Noodles were not too soft as well.

As for the sides, all of them were really good and addictive. If I were to choose favourites, it would be the Fried Shiitake Mushroom ($8.90) and the Salted Chicken ($7). The Fried Shiitake Mushroom was perfectly fried till golden brown, with a very juicy mushroom within. Pair them with their homemade mayo and you got yourself an addictive side! The Salted Chicken was a winner, with light crispy batter and juicy meat within. We loved the savoury flavour and kept going for more.

As for their drinks, their Milk Tea with Pearl ($5.90 for large) really took the cake. Strong aromatic tea flavour with quality milk, it was a refreshing drink. The only problem we had was that we wished the pearls were cooked longer, so that they can be more chewy and softer.

For everyone who are reading this, there is a promo code for you! Key in "8DU15" in the online order chit when you scan their order QR code to get 15% off your total bill! Please feel free to use the code on any of their outlets. Please note that their Serangoon outlet has relocated to Kovan.

Absolutely fantastic meal and I can't wait to be back. Thank you @scalemicroinfluencers for inviting and @8degreesatsg for the food!

Had a fantastic meal at Clovelly recently and we loved the vibes, the food and the service. From appetisers to pastas to all day brunches to desserts, we tried a huge variety and here are my favourites:

Calamari Rings ($11.90) - this was a very addictive sharing appetiser, due to its irresistible crunch and that the squid ring within is pretty tender. This is one dish you have to pair with their lemon mayo!

Spicy Garlic Prawn Pink Sauce ($21.90) - flavours in this is an intensive one; garlicky, creamy with a hint of spice. The al dente malfade pasta type is perfect for this one, as its uneven sides cling to the thick sauce well. Loved the bouncy meaty prawns as well!

Carbonara ($18.90) - the cream sauce for this one is much thicker than the former, and hence the Gemelli pasta type is perfect for this one. Very chewy, the pasta caught alot of the thick sauce within and I loved the rich meaty flavour with the great texture of the pasta.

Molten Lava Cake ($11.90) - this is a dessert that is hard to go wrong. Soft chocolate cake with an incredibly rich melty centre, this was perfect with the refreshing coconut gelato.

Thank you for the scrumptious food and @eatwithkeat for inviting! It was a splendid meal and I can't wait to be back again! I can definitely imagine having a great time with friends or a good date night as well!

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Had such a wonderful meal at @haohaomalatang ! There were a variety of ingredients to choose from ($2.99 per 100gm) and a couple of delicious soup options to go for!

We had the Hao Hao Malatang soup base with small spice, which was really robust! We loved how it wasn't too spicy nor too numbing, and we could still taste the flavourful base broth. If you don't like spicy food, their pork bone broth is good as well! Not too salty but yet rich and flavourful, I found myself finishing it!

The ingredients were all fresh and I especially loved the lobster ball, as it loved the seafood taste and its bouncy texture! Definitely one place to consider for lunch when I'm around the area 😍

If you are coming down, show my post and get 10% off on all ingredients! Promotion ends on 30th September 2023. Thank you @haohaomalatang for the food!

Hao Hao Malatang
1 Jln Anak Bukit, B1-43 Bukit Timah Plaza, Singapore 588996

Hidden in a golf course, offers a wide variety of quality food options with a beautiful view! Here are some that I liked:

G-chicken Sourdough ($9.50) - stuffed full of ingredients, the croissant was crispy and complemented the grilled chicken really well! The chicken itself was tender, succulent and well seasoned.

G-Spot Cheese Fountain Burger ($24.90) - when given a huge amount of cheese, what's there to not like! The burger patty itself was pretty juicy and beefy, and was very satisfying with the cheese sauce!

Fusion Aglio E Olio Pasta ($12.90) - the al dente pasta were tossed in some kind of hae bi hiam (dried shrimp chilli) sauce and was pretty addictive! It was very savoury and garlicky.

This place is a great place to chill at and to escape from the concrete jungle. Please note that there isn't much of a pathway to walk to the restaurant, so driving here is definitely recommended. Thank you @smolbelly for inviting and for the food and hospitality!

Jason Ng

Level 9 Burppler · 1010 Reviews

Love to travel for food and seek new places to satisfy my appetite 😋

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