Invited Tastings

Invited Tastings

Featuring The Assembly Ground (The Cathay), The Communal Place, Enjoy Eating House & Bar (Stevens), Hard Rock Cafe (Cuscaden), Good Bites, Hey! I Am Yogost (Suntec City), Cuba Libre (Clarke Quay), Mala Collections (Tampines)
Jason Ng
Jason Ng

[INVITED TASTING] Tried a plethora of dishes and most were dishes I might come back for!

To start off, the sides we ordered, the Fried Golden Wings and Sweet Potato Fries were pretty addictive! The golden wings had a light batter crust which was wonderfully crispy and the meat within was tender and juicy. Honestly this is good by itself. If you like your wings spicy, you can pair them with their homemade Thai chilli sauce that definitely has a kick! The sweet potato fries had a really crunchy crust on the outside and the sweet potato within is so creamy! Definitely a wonderful dish to share.

Next will be the mains, which we had the Fried Chicken & Waffle, Tom Yum Seafood Pasta and Shiok Burger. The chicken waffle was such a good combination, with the sweet fluffy waffles and the savoury crispy chicken! Although I felt like the waffles was abit too sweet, the savouriness of the chicken made up for it. The chicken has a light crispy batter and the meat wasn't too dry! However, definitely recommended to eat while it's hot 😂

The Tom Yum Seafood Pasta definitely had a spicy sour kick, but I liked how it was creamy which offsets the spicy a little! The pasta is al dente, and the seafood were all very fresh, especially the mussels which did not have a foul odour. A very satisfying dish if you like your pasta spicy!

The Shiok Burger is okay, not much to shout out about. The patty may be meaty, but it can be quite dry. Fries were quite soggy.

Now we come to the drinks. The Passionfruit Sparkling Espresso was actually a very refreshing drink, with the coffee offsetting the sweetness of the syrup used. Though I don't really taste the passionfruit, it was good nonetheless. The Choco Banana tasted like mocha actually, couldn't really taste the banana flavours! Finally the Berry sweet milkshake was definitely instagrammable, but ultimately it tastes like strawberry milk and cream, probably a good kids drink 😂

Seems like a good place to go as a family, with a range of dishes and drinks to cater to everyone!

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[Invited Tasting] Ugly Cabbage in Fish Sauce ($13) - looks pretty unassuming but let me tell you, this vegetable pack alot of flavour. The wok hei is really strong in this dish and I like how it does not overpower the sweetness of the cabbage. The sauce is not too salty too. I think even non vegetable lovers will enjoy this!

Har Cheong Sotong Kia ($16) - indeed the prawn paste flavours are strong, but its pretty salty. Feels like I'm eating mostly batter too.

[Invited Tasting] A very meaty fish, this you can eat even without any sauce! The fish meat is fresh, flaky and pretty succulent. The sambal given definitely pairs the best with this. Do note that it does get abit too salty towards the end. A good sharing dish!

[Invited Tasting] - I think this is an interesting dish, as I have not seen hor fun done this way! The crispy hor fun noodles definitely gave the dish more varying textures and a bolder flavour. There is some hints of wok hei and overall I do throughly enjoy this dish albeit a little pricey I feel.

[Invited Tasting] I am not new to this restaurant, as I've tried a couple of their past signature dishes at the other outlet in Jalan Besar. Their dishes definitely has standards, and I was mostly impressed by the dishes they brought out at this seating.

Crispy Fish with Chef Joel's Red Curry Sauce ($42) - my oh my the perfect word to describe this is LEMAK. Each bit sized fresh fish slices were coated with an amazing red curry sauce that flavourful, aromatic, thick with a strong coconut flavour. I think this is probably the best curry sauce yet. It was fun going around the fish bones as well getting the succulent meat. Definitely good to share with 5!

[Invited Tasting] Been going for this stall for their affordably priced mala tang and mian xian, and I am glad to be able to try more dishes here!

One of my favourites got to be their Chicken Stew in Pig's Stomach ($13.80). It boasts a soup that reminds me alot of a thick chicken broth with herbal ingredients. The chicken itself is very flavourful and really tender. Even the chicken breast is absolutely delicious! The pig stomach is fresh as well.

The Grilled Fishes ($24.80 each) are fresh and the spicy numbing one lives up to its name, and I do prefer the pickled cabbage flavour, due to its slight tanginess.

Their mala tang is not too bad, but their Mian Xian is even better. You can choose a variety of ingredients and the noodles are the best! The noodles are really chewy and very slurp worthy!

As for the cold dishes, the Sliced Pork Belly with Spicy Garlic Sauce ($6.80) is really addictive, as the umami from the garlic really complements the chilli oil. The Mala Toss Mixed Mushroom ($3.80) is a tad too oily, but nonetheless still satisfying.

Will be back definitely. Thanks for the invite @burpple 😋

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Honestly I haven't had much Cuban food in my life, and I am glad for the Cuban Food experience at Cuban Libre! I had the Signature Ropa Vieja ($28) which may be seemingly small, but it's packed with loads of pulled beef. The pulled beef is really tender and flavourful, and paired with the beans and flavoured rice, it really reminds me alot of a burrito filling. The Midnight Flight to Cuba Mojito ($30) was a huge jug, probably about 2-3 times a regular Mojito drink. It was really refreshing with the tropical fruit flavours added, and you can really taste the rum! Loved the ambience with the Latin music played and will be back to try more mains with #burpplebeyond! Thank you for having us @cubalibre.cq @burpple !


Not new to this wonderful place. Tried so many dishes and honesty couldn't find any flaws! From the mains, to the pastas, to the pizzas, their qualities are outstanding. Shall name some favourites:

Truffle Carbonara ($24) - absolutely loved this one. The sauce is creamy and addictive, because you can really taste the umami coming from the mushrooms used to flavour the sauce. The pasta is al dente and the truffle flavour comes out pretty strong!

Barramundi Bouillabaisse ($24) - if you love seafood like me, you will love this one. It's a wonderful combination of different really fresh seafood ingredients, soaked in this super rich seafood broth that is so addictive! I almost wanted slurp up every drip of the broth!

Truffle Scented Mushroom and Egg Pizza ($24) - love how the crust is thin and the sides are crispy. Full of ingredients and lots of cheese, the pizza is still delicious even when it turned cold. Truffle flavours are strong too!

Though I didn't mention about the rest, they were really outstanding too! Thank you so much for the invite @burpple and @theassemblyground for the eatup! Totally loved the hospitality and food provided. We can see how dedicated the team is in providing a wonderful eating experience here. Shout-out to the wonderful cold brew white coffee that you gave us before we left 🥺; it's actually one of the best white coffee I've had!

P. S. To anyone coming here, they are on #burpplebeyond 😍 Can't wait to be back!

I was intrigued when I saw that this drink kiosk sells yogurt tea that seems to be an interesting combination! I had the Strawberry Lemon Yo-Tea ($7.80) with and without pearls (brown sugar pearls will need an additional 80 cents) and I'm glad to see that they blended fresh strawberries in! The drink was very fresh tasting, with the sour notes coming in pretty strong from the lemon and the yogurt. I loved the addition of the pearls, as it not only was chewy, the brown sugar brings down the sour notes abit!

As the price of the drink may be a little steep, don't worry as they will be having 1-for-1 promo for their new locations:
- I12 Katong outlet during the period of 25-27 Feb 22
- City Square Mall outlet during 5-6 March 22

- Customers will have to share the post on FB/IG Stories and tag their friends, then show it to us to redeem
- The free drink will be limited to Purple Rice Yogurt
- Only 1 redemption per customer

First look and you will notice that the place resembles a retro diner, with good chill vibes! The food that comes next arrive in GLORIOUS portions 😍 We had the Baby Back Ribs ($41.95) which was not only generous, but so darn tender and smoky. You really don't need a knife for this. I dare say this is the best pork ribs that I've had so far! The sides were worth mentioning as well, especially the fries and beans 😍

We also had the Beef and Chicken Fajitas ($34.95) and there were generous portions of protein and sides to build your own wraps. I must say this taste healthy, as the proteins were lightly seasoned.

I am definitely coming back for burgers, as they look so darn enourmous and juicy. The mains are available 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond, making this so much more worth it! Do come if you are craving a good hearty meal 😍 Thank you @hardrockcafesingapore for having us!

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I was on a Burrple Eat-up for their new menu, and being my first time here at this restaurant, I'm very surprised by the standards of this restaurant located in humble katong.

First thing first, their ambience is great to have a chill dinner here with your friends, as they have soft lightings, chill music, and of course, we-bare-bears to hug.

Food wise, their plating skills are superb. Each dish arrived are beautiful and insta-worthy. Some of the new dishes that we tried were the Pork Ribs ($20) and the Yuzu Butterfly Chicken ($18). The Yuzu Butterfly was perfect, as even the chicken breast was moist and flavourful. The Yuzu touch lifted the dish to a new level due to its citrusy profile.

The Pork Ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender, but the batter was a tad too thick. Not that it taste really floury, but it's just filling. With that aside I believe this dish can be their speciality, as the flambé makes it extra insta-worthy and its succulent ribs are great for as well.

In a nutshell, The Communal Place has great food, great ambience, and has sharing dishes for a family. Can't wait to bring my friends here for dinner and drinks!


Jason Ng

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Love to travel for food and seek new places to satisfy my appetite 😋

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