Congee Hee Hee

Congee Hee Hee

My preferred form of rice.
Eatssentially .
Eatssentially .

$4.50 century egg and meatball porridge
$1.00 YouTiao

WAITING TIME: About 5 min on a weekday 3PM

- Will not order YouTiao again cos it's all soft. Prefer the fried kind, still intact as a pair.
- My favourite meatball porridge really. Those handmade meatballs are just perfect for someone like me who doesn't like the usual instant frozen meatballs
- Bonus points for the free flow sesame oil and fried shallots.

PRICE: $14 incl. of 2 bowls of porridge, 1 bowl of rice
Good enough for two adults

WAITING TIME: 2nd in queue when we reached at 9pm on a Tuesday. Ordered and collected around less than 5 minutes later.

Every dish we ordered was good. Nothing to complain.

Century egg mixed intestines porridge with egg $7.50
Mixed intestines porridge with egg $4.50
YouTiao $1
Fried ngor hiang $5
Canned drink $1.50

WAITING TIME: Went at 9pm on a Monday. Queued for 6 minutes, waited another 18 minutes for everything to arrive to the table

- Fried YouTiao were lao hong already. Not crispy, not soft - awkward to eat it by itself cos it was too chewy
- Century egg mixed intestines porridge with egg had too much sliced ginger in it
- The liver was cooked just right. Not too tough, not overcooked.
- Like the texture and consistency of the porridge
- But...still prefer Sin Heng Kee porridge in general.



BILL: $11 for these

The three veg dishes here are worth ordering again. Meat was a bit tough.

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$8.50 for gong bao frog -- hardly any flesh. Gravy was good.
$3 for porridge (also available in $2/4) -- good consistency

More than 5 minutes on a weekday night around 8+pm

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PRICE: $7.50 (good for 2 pax)

It's just a shop beneath a HDB block but there's even seating on the 2nd floor.

Multi storey carpark just right upstairs as well.

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PRICE: $6 for small portion (1-2 pax)

WAITING TIME: 12 minutes on a weekday evening

PARKING: Coupon parking along road in front of coffeeshop

Pretty not bad!!


BILL: $13.90 for 2 pax
8 dishes, 2 porridge, 1 rice

WAITING TIME: 15 minutes with more than 10 people in the queue ahead of us


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