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Always Hungry
Always Hungry

Have to! This is definitely my first spot in terms of wanton noodle. I couldn’t be anymore clearer than you have to! #burpple

I choose the bread platter which is the chef’s recommended breads. I managed to try many varieties of bread they offer. It is served with maple honey syrup, butter, brie, prosciutto ham and guacamole. Everything is just complimenting each other.

On the other hand, the egg sandwich is a definite winner. The bread is super soft and moist filled with the delectable filling which is well-seasoned and super tasty. With no exaggeration, every bite transported me back a memory of Japan. I will definitely come back.


#kiasusgporean Relax, I ordered the small one, so 2 small bowls is equal to 1 big only right? #excuses
Love the springy noodle, free flow pork lard, and fried garlic. And If you are a spicy lover, they have special spicy homemade sauce which you might like it. #burpple

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I'm sold. The rich broth can be a tad too heavy for some though. And don’t expect any lobster chunks. #burpple #alwayshungryinSG #alwayshungryinClarkeQuay

Somewhere in amk market. The soup is tasty. The seafood is very fresh. You can sort of mix and match what kind of seafood you want. They have quite a wide variety from red grouper, lala, cray fish, prawn and etc.. and what impressed me the most is they provide pork lard and fried garlic for you to scoop as much as you want! That’s an amazing addition to the taste. I think the price is quite reasonable for the size and the options i had. $12 for prawn, lala and red grouper. #burpple #sgfood #whitebeehoon #alwayshungryinamk

I have to say - it looked good, smelt good and it tasted good. The rice, which is nice, fluffy and fragrant. The sambal was also excellent, though I did find it a tad spicy which is good for my liking. And damn, the fried chicken was juicy and crispy - definitely worth all the calories! Overall, Village Park is definitely deserving of its fame. 🍗 #burpple

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They say using charcoal makes a significant difference in the taste as it gives the dish an overall better flavour and aroma, and I guess they were right. The rice was soft and fluffy, distinct and moist but not mushy. The generous amount of chicken pieces in the claypot were well-marinated with flavors of soy, sesame oil, chinese wine and a hint of ginger also with generous amount of chicken meat and chinese sausages. Salted fish is given separately on the top of the rice. #burpple

(Apparently there's a whole shop in Tokyo that exclusively sells Echire.) You can understand why when you taste it. It's not a dinner-party showstopper like the Beppinno Ocelli, but it's an understatedly elegant butter. It's got a great balance and is just salty enough. It's the kind of butter that would play well with others but can hold its own in the spotlight too.
No wonder it was once world best butter. #burpple

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