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Traditional Treats

Traditional Treats

Featuring Tong Heng Confectionery (Chinatown), Hua Ting Restaurant, Chalk Farm (Paragon), Ji Xiang Confectionery, Tangs Market, Poh Guan Cake House, Tong Heng Confectionery (Jurong Point), Tai Thong Cake Shop 大同餅家, Tai Chong Kok (Westgate), Tai Chong Kok (Northpoint City)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

Saw this last pc sitting on the counter and thou the price was daunting, I closed my eyes and handed over my card. Super creamy durian custard was melt in the mouth, with a wonderful durian fragrance. The glutinous rice part was soft and had a delightful chewy texture. Not hard at all, even thou I had it in e fridge overnight and steamed it hot for breakfast.

Came by on a Saturday 1pm. Only these 2 flavors left. I’ve never liked AKKs, simply bcos so many I’ve tried in my childhood were sweet beyond words, and the skin thick and hard. But these were truly divine. The skin was thin and soft. Fillings were abundant and not sweet. Texture was fabulous. Almost creamy and very thick. Quality didn’t drop despite keeping in the fridge overnight and reheating by steaming.

Slight bitterness of the orange peel mixed with the robust flavor of red bean. The melon seeds provided crunch. Not too sweet. Excellent.

Yam paste was smooth and not sweet. Yam flavor bursting in every mouthful. Currently sharing the top spot with the black sesame seed pastry as the best Piah in my heart.

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I’ve not seen a black sesame seed pastry before and just as I expected, it had a deep rich sesame flavor. Not too sweet, very fragrant. For sesame lovers.

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The best egg tart. Flaky egg shell with a bit of char at the bottom. Egg custard just dissolved on the tongue. Unbelievable.

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I also dunno the name of this thing but I ate this when I was a child. So happy to find it again. It was a bit chewy, and the peanut resembled compact peanut butter. It was quite small but bcos the texture was so rich and thick, the size was just nice.

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I dunno what the name of this thing. One side was peanuts and the other sesame seeds. Very nutty and fragrant. Yes it was sweet, but the nuts helped a lot. The sweetness also prevented me from wolfing the whole thing down. Crunchy not hard. Easy to break into pcs.

This was recommended to me by the lady boss. She said it’s a rare find. Indeed I’ve never seen a black Ang ku kueh before. The skin was chewy. Very nice. Inside was a light yellow colored sweet bean paste. Very smooth, but a bit too sweet for me.

I have no idea what this was. I only know it was made of green bean. Sweet and soft, with a chewy grainy texture. Tasted a bit strange to me.

I usually just take one bite to taste, cos normally too sweet for me. But I ate the whole thing this time. This one was not sweet and cloying. The best lotus seed pastry I’ve tried so far.

This was savory and carried a lovely aroma. Quite delightful and addictive.

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