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Savoury 🤤

Savoury 🤤

Featuring A Noodle Story (Amoy Street Food Centre), Little Diner, habitat by honestbee, Legendary Hong Kong, Full of Luck Restaurant, Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery, Nanjing Impressions, Lot 10 十号胡同: 金莲记炭炒福建面, Nanjing Impressions, Plaza Singapura
Grace Lau
Grace Lau

A very decent plate of hokkien mee! It was neither overly oily nor salty, and the bits of lard were well received by most. Do give it a try!

These were literally bursting with flavours! The sauce was sweet but savoury at the same. Wrapped with a fatty gourmet bakkwa, the rolls were ‘pan seared’ and plated beautifully.

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Its appearance does not do justice to how good it tastes!

The honey glazed exterior had a delicate crisp, while the char siew itself was tender and delightful. The balance of fat and lean meat was just nice too! This left me craving for more :)

Our all-time favourite!

The spice definitely does not disappoint, as our tongue and throats were so traumatised by the heat that we were literally gasping for air! Warning: please have a glass of milk by the side.

Small - $9.50
Large - $16.50

Like what other reviews mentioned, these fries were indeed a little soggy and oily. The smell of the truffle however was really strong as the dish arrived :o Taste wise was alright.

The serving was very reasonable for its price, and the waiting time wasn’t too long. The fish had a nice crispy exterior while the inside remained soft and tender. It also came with quite a lot of chips on the side and they weren’t too oily either.

We opted for the sweet Thai chilli sauce and it went really well with the fish!

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Makes a delightful appetiser! The filling was generous, and it had pork and chives. The exterior had a nice crust and crunch but a little too oily to our liking.

The chunks of chicken were juicy and coated generously in a soy-sauce based gravy. Not exactly sure about the right way of eating it, but dipping the sesame coated buns in the gravy was the best thing we did:) Don’t forget the pieces of mushroom in the gravy!

Decided to check out how their beef brisket would fare. Some chunks were so soft and literally melted in our mouth, but there were also some tough pieces that required a lot more chewing work. Make sure you slather all that saucy goodness over your beef:) A delicious dish overall.

Very reminiscent of the ones I had in HK:) A must-order! Each uniform cube was savoury and crispy on all sides. The heat of the spice was mild and it only kicked in after awhile. Loved the bacon bits it was fried with!

“Sorrowful romance rice”
The honey glazed char siew slices were thick and juicy. Love that the rice and sunny side up egg had a good amount of honey soy sauce mixed in them too!

Small - $8
Medium - $11
Large - $15

It was bomb! The queue wasn’t too long even though we went on a weekend. Definitely get the medium size for a full experience! The char siew and dumplings were really substantial, and I personally enjoyed the fried shrimp thingy on the spoon. It’s definitely worth trying ~

A student’s guide to good food 💁🏻‍♀️

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