All About Café

All About Café

Featuring Old Hen Coffee Bar, The Bakery Chef, Asanoya Boulangerie (Queen Street), Mellower Coffee (Bugis), Artea (VivoCity), Café&Meal MUJI (Plaza Singapura), Dolce Tokyo (Bugis Junction), Omotesando Koffee, Cedele Bakery Kitchen (Waterway Point), Chulove Café (VivoCity)

Tiramisu Coffee Cake hmmm 🤔 (a birthday treat) so I just to be honest a bit but I barely taste wine 🍷 so they alter the recipe to coffee instead. its quite sweet taste for me (so if you are okay with sweet taste for cake and it’s just for u)

Chocolate Choux Coffee Frap (Grande - $9.10) so the taste really like chocolate with custard sauce tbh and i just simply remove coffee bc cannot sleep well with strong caffeine dose. just gonna to post with strawberry 🍓 version soon.

Didn’t expected that I will be posting starbucks drink after that 😅 Cocoa Golden Monkey 🐵 (Grande - $8.
80) was quite taste like atas milo mood tbh but the chocolate 🍫 taste was quite strong than mocha ☕️.

Hojicha Swiss Roll is another wishlist that my sister bought cake from tiong hoes specialty coffee located at stiring road. i always went for cofeee there. sometimes adding the cake with coffee. just realised that their cake just getting much smaller 😗 so the taste is much better than matcha flavour. got that roasted taste for hojicha.

Triple Golden Monkey (Grande - $8.80) was quite milky and taste atas milk tea tbh 😅 quite strong black tea initially but slowly turned diluted 🥲

so the chocolate rye zucchini cake ($5) was quite salty tbh and quite strong mixed spiced flavour.

Didn't expected that I went there during raining day 🥲 and sorry for spam today since I'm not working and wanted to clear some photos before moving to the shared drive 😅 thanks for recommendation @cinnamor011 and sharing bread loots also I decided to try their sourdough, bread and cake. so it’s just good and nice for their sourbread and bread but their cake is not that for me. As you can heard the sourdough being cut asmr, got that crunchy sound 😘

Rye Chocolate Zucchini Cake ($6)
it’s so good that it’s quite nice to eat tbh 🥰 it complemented well each other for chocolate and zucchini.

Nut Butter Toast ($5)
it’s quite salty and creamy nut 🌰 sauce to spread around the toast and topped with a lot of different types of nut. so satisfied that they spread so much on the toast.

Lemongrass Kombuckha ($7)
it’s quite refreshing drink to my surprise especially at hot weather but i’m not a herb person and it’s not that sour taste for drink.

Wild Boocha Hopped-Up Sencha Kombuckha ($7) everyone know me as a tea person over coffee person. so I thought that it’s was quite normal tea taste but it’s just quite extremely sour drink 😏 for drinking while walking throughout botanic garden.

Pu’er Sakura Macchiato ($7.80) taste so weird tbh but macchiato was quite not that thick still ok 👌. managed to get the drink before last two lesson for night class. actually I passby the shop a lot of times, I didn’t never think that I will be going inside for a drink and most of weekend they was quite crowded and need to queue up for a place to sit down for a drink.


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