All About Burgers 🍔

All About Burgers 🍔

Featuring Shake Shack (Jewel Changi Airport), Black Tap (MBS), A&W (Jewel Changi Airport), Wildfire Burgers (NAFA), Shake Shack (Liat Towers), McDonald's (City Square Mall), Zoey’s Diner (Compass One), A&W (AMK Hub), McDonald's (*SCAPE), Scrambled

($8) My sister she wanted to eat twister fries ($1) lol on cny day 2? then but then it's okay for me because once a year only for this month. I decided to try chicken burger bc it's a long time never eat macs for a while.

($8.80) limited seasonal edition for chinese new year but my sister decided to order burger since it's once a year lol. She told me that the sauce for burger was not that bad tbh as I taste it out thick and creamy mild spicy sauce. But the lobster was quite small in size lol but she didn't know red pepper inside the burger.

($4.80) deep fried fish and seafood rice burger that I didn't really tried it out most of time when I was at mos burger on lunch time ? Since I alr tried it out most of the common burger on the menu.

($6.80) hmmm it's seasonal burger from mos burger once again so I always visit them for seasonal burger if I want to try the burger. The burger always served in hot and also I do getting by scald via mouth :"(. So the unagi rice burger was taste authentic but then rice burger was quite hard to eat thru.

($14.20) I wanted try it out for their new burger when they opened a new outlet at sentosa. so I saw happy point app got great deal on the set meal instead of ala crate. So I legit literally travel to sentosa and then staff at sentosa told me that they don't have burger anymore so need to go back to vivocity for burger instead :") So the burger taste was mild spicy marinated sauce with cheese, chicken breast fillet and pickles. I felt that their sauce was quite thick texture based and jelak for me but they added pickles inside the burger to complement well.

Pear Lemonade ($4.50)

hmmmm i got qns for this drink but like pear + lemon is quite weird combination and also the taste was like sweet and sour aftertaste tbh.

(RM 30) I did google what's their best selling mains on the menu but most of people recommended curry katsu chicken burger. But I felt that they added too much buttermilk sauce on the burger itself. But I really did enjoy the burger and onion fries as I seldom saw people serve onion fries as side dish on the menu. Onion fries really got crunchy and crispy texture and also freshly deep fried.

($20) add-on of bacon ($3.50) and my friend choose coleslaw.

($18) with add-on smoked salmon ($3.50) but the menu for their lunch is quite limited tbh. I kinda disappointed tbh for the limited choice. But their burger is not that bad tbh and the sauce was quite nice also. So the smoked salmon was quite not that smelly and also their cheese for mushroom was quite juicy and savoury. Their side dish can be choose between picky cucumber and also coleslaw.

Signature Fried Chicken ($22) / Cajun Fries ($4) I wanted to try their burger someday but then next year. GST increase into 9% and also most of the f&b stores will be increasing their GST and service charges with food also. I just decided to try those atas place before 2023 ends also. haha my diet just went up and down lol. I did like their sauce for burger and didn't really spread evenly tbh :") The batter and skin for fried chicken really too much. Fries just coated with cajun powder and quite flavourful tbh.

I saw post that they decided to remove old burger from the menu on end oct :"( and good thing that I have tried crispy pork burger before they announced. It's kinda sad for people who didn't really time to try their burger previously at beauty world food centre. which i was one of them because it was really quite far for me to travel over for food tbh. I really like their unique and special burger creations that they derive out from. I'm glad that they really need to change the menu since they still use it at beauty world till now (sam leong rd). I decided to try fish burger ($9) instead as a final burger because I didn't really eat beef or spicy based burger. I like the way they serve burger in hot and warm style as it's like freshly made from the grill. I didn't like it when the oil from the fish leaked it off from the burger and the paper just giveaway. Overall experience, the fish and vegetables got strong grilled taste but then got a bit of slightly "fishy" taste. I decided to order hand-cut fries ($5 under burger set) again since not much sides left at this month since they cleared old stocks to make way for new menu.

Decided to go veganburg for lunch since its a long time never go and even did passby previously. So I order their best selling burger w characol bun + set meal (curly fries + ginger lemonade) ($14.80) good thing that they are able to remove sauce frm burger. I don't really like too much sauce on the burger tbh. I just take a bit sauce for dip or spread only. The burger really quite nice tbh with. But the curly fries really crunchy and crispy texture. But ginger lemonade got strong taste for ginger tbh compared with lemonade.

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Decided to try their fried chicken burger ($9.50) but its too much mayo inside the burger tbh and also its quite slightly soggy tbh due to the fried chicken patty precooked beforehand.


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