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Roasted broccoli, tender chicken breast and soulful carrot potato mash 🤗 good for cosy, easy lunch

Love the freshly prepared gimbap here. So yummy and filling. Another personal must try is the strawberry banana yogurt that doubles up as a healthy dessert...

Enjoyed the pierogis; not exactly the same as those in Poland but tasty nonetheless. Noodles were accompanied by a light sauce, which was refreshing and not cloying.

Can’t remember the name of the dish, only the code (N5) 😃 Very springy glass noodles tossed in light fragrant sauce buried under the generous meat toppings. Can’t wait to visit again. Fried spring rolls are a must too, they are the best 😋

Mother of all dry ban mians 😍

This is good. Supremely biscuit like thin crust.

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Unique aglio olio with green and red peppers on top of the usual garlic. Generous with crab meat. Noodles were cooked al dente. Must order!

Free flow crispy pig skin bits. Springy noodles deserves a shoutout.

$29.80++ crispy crust topped with cheese, shrimps, mussels and scallops. Crust was like no other. Yummy.

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