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Featuring One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Two Men Bagel House (Novena), Egg Stop (Jurong Point)
Zi Han Ang
Zi Han Ang

Eggy and meaty, just how I like my sandwiches! Fluffy eggs and the meat was generous and tasty.
Tried to get the 1 for 1 set but they said no set, only a la carte (which was fine for me but if you want the set...this seems to be their new rule)
100% worth using Burrple Beyond!
Filling and can be eaten for breakfast or a filling snack.

The first time I visited Two Men Bagel House, I got the blueberry bagel with portabello, salmon and scrambled eggs ($11) and I loved it!! However this time around they only had plain bagels left and I decided to opt out of the scrambled eggs because it was a bit expensive to add them on ($2.50).
For $3 the serving of salmon was generous!! And so good but a bit too salty. Perhaps I should add on another filling next time to balance the saltiness out. The portabello mushroom was juicy and tasty! Would probably try to come earlier to get it with blueberry bagel again, or perhaps garlic.

Spent about 10 minutes staring at the menu and finally just decided to get a cold turkey club to save the hassle of trying to customzie my own bagel. They were only left with the plain bagels when I got there at 2pm (they close at 4pm) but it was alright!
The bagel contained honey baked ham, cured sausage, smoked turkey breast, chutney and smoked aioli with hobo greens.
Overall quite a tasty bagel although the servings of the meat were quite thin (as pictured) but the sweetness of the ham was SO GOOD! Would probably go for a heavier bagel next time. A bit pricey for $14 but it's a once in a while treat 😊

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Ordered this with poached eggs and spicy pork sausage.
This dish was quite yummy in my opinion. The spicy pork sausage was very juicy and flavourful and the bacon was thicc. Absolutely loved the sourdough bread (am so happy they gave 2 huge slices) Mushrooms were juicy (I yearn for more) but the potatoes were a little dry so I didn't finish them. Eating this gave me a work out as I had to use some force to cut through the sourdough and the meats 😅 Had cherry plum kombucha along with the meal and it was quite pleasant (no sugar though)

Used Burpple Beyond for 2 of this Big Brekkie and it was so worth it!
The bacon and sauerkraut were especially juicy and delicious and the mushrooms were very flavourful. They were very generous as they gave half an avocado (I couldn't finish it even after ordering more sourdough to eat it with)
Also ordered an iced mocha and tea to go with our brunch 😊

Will definitely visit again because Upper Thomson is one of my favourite cafe spots!

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