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Featuring Sunday Folks, Icenoie Hokkaido (Tanjong Pagar), 75 Ah Balling Peanut Soup (Golden Mile Food Centre), Honeymoon Dessert (VivoCity), The Original Katong Laksa - Janggut Laksa (Queensway), Malaysia Boleh! (AMK Hub), Yolé (Wisma Atria), So Good Bakery (100AM), HarriAnns Delights (Tiong Bahru Market), Tiong Bahru Teochew Kueh (Tiong Bahru Market)
Loong Wye & Michelle Kwan
Loong Wye & Michelle Kwan

Roasted Pistachio Ice Cream Waffles ($11.80++):
Pistachio ice cream is not overly sweet, goes well with the waffles and biscuits!

Peanut soup with 6 PC ah balling ($2.60)

Went for peanut soup, and 3 pc peanut 3 pc black sesame paste.. both the peanut and black sesame tasted great. Peanut soup was tasty and not too sweet. Yummy!!!

Red bean mini mochi with ice cream ($6.30)

You can choose the ice cream flavour I chose vanilla, and it goes well with the red bean soup and the mini mochi balls (no filling). May be on the pricier side but good thing gst and service charge already included in the menu price.

Red bean soup with mochi ($3.40+$1.40)

Red bean soup not so sweet and mochi balls have peanut fillings. Not bad.

Red bean soup ($1)

Tastes home cooked! Small bowl of warm red bean soup. The red beans are not entire crushed so they has nice bite instead of being mushy. The soup is also not too sweet. Very nice and worth it for the price!

Salted caramel pecan Tart with icecream ($5!$5, ++)

The tart itself is $5++ and you can add one scoop of ice cream at $5 and 2 scoops at $8.
The Tart is made up of chocolate cupcake, salted caramel filling, toffee butter cream and pecans. Icecream is from coldstone creamery and you can choose from chocolate vanilla or strawberry. You will like it if you like pecans!

Tutu kuehs ($3.20 for 5)

For 5 tutu kueh you can choose 2 flavours
I took all peanut as I like it. The filling is substantial, the flour is slightly thick but I like it because it doesnt become sticky or wet after it has cooled. Always return for more!

豆沙小笼包 ($8++) 6pcs

Skin is soft. Red bean filling is generous and sweetness just nice. Very yummy when eaten warm.

Coconut cream bread ($1.80)

Bread has a nice bite and was fluffy and tasty. Cream was light and not too oily and was complemented by the shredded coconut on the outside. Very nice for those who like to eat cream!

Rojak ($3.50)

Amount could be more for the price. Taste wise was good. Liked the ingredients except the fried doughstick which was too hard!

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Small yole cup ($1.99 with Shopback Go)

Green apple yogurt with strawberry topping. Tastes good!

Mini ibiza ($5.90)

Comes with one fruit topping, one crunch and one sauce. I chose the original yogurt, mango, lotus biscuit crunch and dark chocolate sauce. The mango was hard and sour. Fortunately the lotus biscuit and chocolate made it more palatable.

Sharing with you our honest reviews of the food that we (Michelle and Loong Wye) have tried!

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