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Evangeline Naomi Tan
Evangeline Naomi Tan


Halal-certified and Muslim owned. Definitely a great place to hangout. There are board and card games provided to play while/after dining. Paid about $25 for 2 Wagyu Burgers and free-flow soft drinks with my Burpple Beyond deal. The Wagyu patty was juicy and not dry to chew (I hate dry patties). It came with a toasted brioche bun, beet, onion, lettuce, a slice of cheese, and along with a side of fries. This is one of the better tasting burgers and fries I’ve had. The staff were friendly, chatted with us during payment about their food and our dining experience. He shared that the pasta were handmade which made me look forward to my next meal here! The menu is new, the prices are very reasonable. As it’s a collaboration between a few wonderful halal cafes, I really recommend this place! This Bukit Batok branch is currently having a promotion for free free-flow soft drinks even with Burpple deals, it’s a definitely must-try!



Usually most places would be stingy with the crab meat shreds but this pasta had small chunks of it throughout, consistent while savoring it. It’s spiciness is at the right level for me. Linguine isn’t soggy or too soft. The pine nuts gave a slight crunch. Definitely a great dish!


Tried out this 2 for $20 deal after an intense gym sesh. The deal comprises of 1 large Wagyu beef bowl and another normal bowl. So we took the Unagi bowl. Albeit smaller than the large bowl, it was quite filling. Enjoyed this quick lunch with a can of coke. Lady who served us was friendly. She offered a nearby empty table to place our bags on the seats first as there were no customers yet. 8/10 will return!


Ordered two exactly same main and drink to share the deal with a friend. Portion was good, sides were tasty. I had mashed potato with seasonal veggies while my friend chose fries and loaded potato. Drink was a bottomless soft drink. Gotta love bottomless drinks during meals! Had my steak medium doneness as usual, one small area of the steak was medium rare, not too big of an issue for me cuz I usually switch between medium and medium rare. $55++ for dinner for two, totes worth it. The only downside was perhaps the service initially. The server gave us our mains without cutlery, we had to raise our hands to request for them, an acceptable minor hiccup for us.


Ordered the Yuan Yang waffles (buttercream x charcoal) and three scoops of ice-cream (caramel, strawberry cheesecake and dark chocolate) paired with a strawberry soda for roughly $15+. I’m a picky waffle eater, I enjoy waffles crispy on the outside and soft inside. Twenty Grammes certainly made my first visit there great and met my expectations! Shared the 1-for-1 deal with another friend. We will certainly be back!



Love the texture! There’s a choice of cup, cone or croissant. My bf has the pistachio, coconut and pandan flavor. We had a 1-for-1 on the “Ice Cream, Pastry and Drink” deal. A great find!


Topped up $3 more for a miso soup and chawamushi. I wished the tendon bowl came with tempura dipping sauce. Felt dry after eating it for awhile. That being said, I like how the tempura was done. It’s not over-floury or soggy. It’s crispy and had a good amount of actual vegetable/chicken/prawn that I could savor.


Had this as part of my 1 for 1 deal with the Little Chicken dish. This is a must try! I love how soft and chewy the beef is. It comes with 2 cubes of cheese and red wine sauce. We finished it in less than 10 mins!

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Shared between 2 people. The chicken isn’t dry. Came out of the fryer piping hot. Loved how everything went so well together!


First meal using the #BurppleBeyond!
The pasta was really good, it was peppery enough with actual pieces of crab. I love how the pasta wasn’t overcooked - clearly not a fan of over boiled aka soggy pasta.

Some eat to live, I live to eat.

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