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Cake Is Not Just For Celebration

Cake Is Not Just For Celebration

Featuring Red Kettle (The Starling), Kenny Hills Bakers (Bukit Tunku), Verona Trattoria, Tapestry, Miru Dessert Cafe (Pavilion Kuala Lumpur), Rekindle (Uptown), Heesan Kopi 囍叁隔壁, Nutmeg (163 Retail Park)
芋圓 乂
芋圓 乂

Chocolate cheesecake (RM18+) on the left and Carrot cheesecake (RM18+) on the right. The creamcheese at the middle part of the chocolate cake gives a decent sourish taste that enhance the chocolaty taste. Whilst I'm a big fans of carrot cake gotta be frank that I'm quite disappointed with their carrot cake. I like my carrot cake packed with big chunks of nut and moist. Nutmeg's carrot cake is moist but I find something is lacking, flavour and the texture.

One sophisticated dessert. Matcha mousse with Lychee ganache, and more interesting ingredients being put together to present this Kyoto sensation.

This Pandan Cheesecake and Tokyo Restaurant's 6th avenue are neck to neck! Never expect it turned out to be so nice. The Cheesecake is so smooth and moist and you can really savour the fragrance of pandan. Yummy!

This Carrot cake worth a 4 🌟! It has all the elements of a good carrot cake: moist cake, crunch from walnut, great flavour from cinnamon, not to mention the citrus bits on top that bring the cake to another level.

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It's hard to get good matcha dessert. This Matcha Lava cake is alright... The matcha molten lava is warm and gooey, sweet and satisfying. The cake is moist and has a nice texture.

Gotta agree with me this is one scrumptious looking Blueberry Cheesecake 🍰 that I purchased from W Mart yesterday. For RM9, they are lavished with the blueberries on top. I'm a sucker for dense cheesecake. For me, this cheesecake is not cheesy enough, and it's a bit too sweet. Somehow I think they substitute the cheesecake to condensed milk? Hence it's sweeter and still dense enough to hold the texture... But for that price, ain't complaining 🙆🏻‍♀️

Fibre intake is essential 😏 Carrot cake is your safest option if you are not adventurous. Generous walnut slapped with just the right layers of creamcheese frosting.

The good old classic ori burnt cheesecake. It's dense, it's smooth, it's rich. Somehow it lacks the kick... it's not 'burnt' and moist enough. Having said that, I really like the cream in the middle of the top and bottom layer!

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Blueberry cheesecake. Moral of the story: Appearance can be deceiving.

My friends were raving about it and told me it's a must-try. But, the cake was a bit tad dry on that day... the sauce was nice though.

It has every ingredient that I would love to have on my dessert... but when everything is put together it turned out to be "mehhh"... Can hardly taste any caramel... And the body of the cheesecake is not cheesy enough to be called a cheesecake.