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Daily Dose ☕

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芋圓 乂
芋圓 乂

Creme Brulee Latte is the highlight! Am always a creme brulee fans, so it's a no-brainer when I saw it on the coffee menu. I like my coffee real hot and they passed the first test ☑️ It's so therapeutic to break the burnt layer. The Tuna Cheddar sandwich is your usual Cheddar cheese slice with tuna, something that you can make at home yourself.

You don't always see cafe offering Matcha Cappuccino (RM11). When we do, we ditch our staple drink Matcha Latte. Love the bitterness from matcha blends very well with the froth.

MJ White Coffee at RM14.50, which I think it is priced at the steeper side. Having said that, I enjoyed every single sip of this coffee and it's amost unstoppable after my first sip. I was taken by surprise how smooth and creamy it is. You don't get fancy coffee art but it's one quality cuppa.

Go for Rose latte (RM11) if you're not a coffee drinker. Very mild coffee flavour with rose fragrance. It's very smooth and delicate. Really like how the rose petals are floating on my latte. Not to mention their pretty teaware!

Brown sugar boba w/ milk and black tea w/boba. Do yourself a favour, order the milk tea, speak from a non-milk-tea-drinker

Personally I think their drinks are reasonably priced. Quite an extensive selection for coffee / tea lovers. We were spoilt with choices! Gotta come back to try out more!

Top left: Matcha latte (RM11)
Top right: Brulee Chai latte (RM11)
Bottom left: Osmanthus latte (RM12)
Bottom right: Kuromitsu Kinako latte (RM11)

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It's very rare to find cafes that serve taro latte, let alone a good one.