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Windy Sandra
Windy Sandra

Spicy Cheese Chicken Cutlet ($8.8)
A bit expensive but it's very good! The chicken is so soft and tender and the outside is sooo crispt, I think it's fried with breadflour so it's super crispy and soft on the inside. The potato also crispy outside mushy inside and the spices they use also great! The garlic bread also crispy and savory!
The only downside was some part of the meat looks a bit uncooked...but other than that it's really good

Aglio Olio Pasta w/ Chicken ($7.8 - $8-ish? i forgot..)
One of the good aglio olio you could find in singapore! It's smells so good and have a lot of garlic in it. The spices are great and you could ask the spicy or non-spicy. I ate the spicy version and it's amazing! So savory full of garlic and tastes fresh and spicy!
Served with grilled chicken that have soft and tender meat with crispy and savory skin, deffinitely will order it again.

Chicken katsu curry ($6.5)
The chicken katsu is very crispy but the meat is quite thin for me, I taste the flour more than the meat. But the japanese curry saucve is good and there's some veggie in it. I think there's some fried oyster as well mixed in, I don't really like the taste though.. It tastes bland and chewy with crispy outer, just like that.

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Mala ($24 for 2-3pax)
The variety of veggie and meat in this mala is so so so much! We can choose a lot of things and since there's a lot of ingredients we can choose a lot of people with different favorite foods can join and eat together!

The mala in here doesn't have cilantro, instead they give scallions on top! The mala in here also tastes a bit more on the sweet side so it's not as spicy as the other stalls, but it's very good!

Fish n Chicks Mix Platter ($29.9)
This platter could feed 2-3pax and there's so much variety in there. But as you can see it's almost all brown, so in short this is cholestrol in 1 big plate. But dang each of this platter is good!

- Fried fish is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, it's also savory and doesn't smell fishy!
- Soft shell crab is sooo tasty! We can bite it easily andf the juice and flavour ooze out in our mouth!
- Fries is sooo crispy! And not just crispy in the first bite but crispy on every bite and so savory!
- Steaks is a bit dry but sooo savory! Could eat it with one of the sauces given.
- Onion ring is a bit floury and chicken for me is so-so.

Served with 5 sauces, mayonaise, barbeque-like sauce, and for othera I can't identify but tastes like Indian type of sauce I think. Overall this is good! Just don't eat it with less than 3 people.

Classic cheeseburger ($6 single / $8 double)
Great cheeseburger with juicy and fresh patty! The bun is grilled but more to the soft side than crispy, the cheese melty mixed with the burger sauce/meat juice and it's simply a guilty pleasure on every bites! And the fries is soooo crispy and delicious! They're not just frying it as it is but they add some other spices, either salt or some other thing bur it's sooo good!

Add-ons bacon $2
The bacon is more to the juicy chewy than dry crispy type, I actually prefer with no bacon ao I could taste ourely the meat with sauce originally

Add-ons pickle $0.5
Store bought pickle I thing, they stick it on top of our burger wholly, it's so fresh tho!


Dry mala ($14 for 2pax)
ONE OF THE BEST MALA IN TOWN! Not only it's one of the cheapest, it's also one of the tastiest! The mala taste is perfect for me, the mala.spice is blended so it's mixed well with the food! The flavour also great so there's not only spiciness in the food. I love it and always come back for more!

Now they provide 4 level of spiciness, from xiao xiao (lower than mild), xiao (mild), chong (medium), da (most spicy)

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(~$20 for 2 people)
This is kne of the best mala in singapore! The spiciness and savory taste is just perfect! We order lv2 and it's soooo spicy my ears gone a bit deaf, so next we order lv1 and it's still keeps the great taste but less spicy!
The veggies and meat also fresh so we could choose easily, the only downside is it's a biy expensive in here.

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