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Featuring Kajiken (Square 2), Spagtacular, Denzy Gelato, Superfudo (International Building)
Jannes Koriadi
Jannes Koriadi

The umami kick from this bowl of Mentaiko Maze Soba was OUT OF THIS WORLD! It was rich without being too “jelak”, and there were huge bottles of vinegar provided at each table for you to 調 your own 味! The noodles were thick and springy 👌🏼 The lone piece of char siew was a bit of a downer though, for it was fatty and rather flavourless.

The staff were extremely attentive, and proactively topped up our iced water. :)

The Nagoya style Maze Soba was more pared down in terms of flavour, but could still hold its own. :)


Pasta was al dente and well tossed!
The Assam Fish was the most notable - the fish fillet was decently sized, and the Assam paste used wasn’t overly spicy Nor sour. In fact, it leaned towards the sweeter side. Best pasta out of the three.

Kimchi pasta honestly tasted like Korean ramen but with spaghetti instead. If you like shin ramyeon, give it a try. The cuts of roast meat given were impressive; Super sinful, but not jelak.

Give the chilli crab pasta a pass :-/ it tasted sweet, and of nothing else.

The grilled chicken chop was delicious! The chicken was tender, juicy, and well seasoned! The sides (aglio olio, some salad leaves) were meh.

Went against the recommended pairing of chocolate and houjicha (for they are both “vivid flavours” - staff). Interesting mix! The ice creams were not cloyingly sweet, and had a nuanced flavour. Especially the blondie beach - had a pleasant balance of saltiness and sweetness.

The waffle, on the other hand, leaned towards the drier side. It was pretty mediocre and did nothing much for the ice cream.

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$12 for both bowls

- Portion was smaller than expected
- Unagi tasted standard, like the kind you can buy from supermarkets
- Okay for the price paid after redeeming the deal

Truffle Beef:
- Generous serving of beef
- Beef slices were too large, and hard to chew. A bit overdone
- Truffle taste was underwhelming
- Rice was salty, too much furikake and not much else

- nice ambience, clean and not too crowded
- free charging wires provided at tables

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