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one of my fave stalls in amoy, this stall sells a variety of boiled chinese soups and steamed rice.

pork patty with salted egg is my go to order!! tastes so homely and comforting.

Sing HK Kitchen

expect long queues during weekdays lunch as this seemed to be a popular stall

on first look, i felt that the pieces of the pork chop seemed abit too little? afterall i was paying $7 for this and eggs also don’t really cost that much.

but anw the highlight of the dish is really the scrambled eggs that were really creamy and went super well w the rice and the sauce. pork chop was not bad lah.

yea, this is super sinful but worth a try. since i don’t take chili, this was slightly dry for me. but the chicken was tender and crispy. portion wise is value for money

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amazing finds in a hawker centre

duck was so damn tender that it pulled apart so easily. gravy went so well w the mash and duck 😩👌🏻

comes w coleslaw and corn

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i think prices increase slightly?

abit sad that my tomato egg had a lot of tomatoes rather than egg :(
pork chop still ok

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some parts were crispy, some were the crispy hard crispy, abit fatty. but the portion was v generous for $4.
egg +0.6

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there was a q even on a sunday afternoon…

chicken was really tender and the portion was good for $4. plus point that it’s boneless. but the rice.. hmm it’s not oily which is a somewhat a good thing but it lacks the chicken rice feel.

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This set came with cabbage, an egg and pork belly. cabbage was soft and pork belly was not bad but wished the egg could be the runny kind

Nanyang Noodle House

So this is a bowl of chilli ban mian with no chilli. so it’s essentially tossed in black sauce. opted for you mian instead of ban mian and the noodle has a good chew to it.
ikan billis was very crispy!! v good portion of meat and mushrooms as well. love the oozey egg.

super worth it at ard $4+ and very filling!!

Heard that the lagoon food centre reopened last year and I finally went down for a visit.

Super super packed on a saturday evening with many tables still being blocked out.

Ordered black carrot cake fr Lagoon Famous Carrot Cake #01-40 and it was good!! came w prawns too. not too sweet and the carrot cake was pretty soft prices start from $4. However if you wish to order a mix of black white, then it would cost min $6.

Next, we ordered the cereal prawn ($20) and sambal stingray($12) from Xin Long Xing Seafood BBQ #01-06. prawns were hugeee and there’s six of them. totally enjoyed the cereal, it wasn’t too sweet and I actually mixed it w my carrot cake. Sambal stingray on the other hand was too spicy for me to handle. but the stingray itself was quite good!!!

Overall, a lot of options to choose from and i’m definitely going back to try out the rest!!!

value for money tonkatsu
batter for the prawn abit thick.
rice was fluffy and i love the sauce. not too salty.

anw asked to have it without onion but it still came w it…

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queued for about 10 mins at around 11am

chicken cutlet was crispy and juicy, curry was very aromatic and the noodles were springy

service was excellent

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c n

Level 7 Burppler · 468 Reviews

i love pastas and pizzas!

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