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Chu Ning
Chu Ning

This looks like something Korean high schools would serve to their students.

Beef was relatively tough.

Tbh, I only enjoyed the egg roll. Can give this stall a miss.

Located on level one of amoy food centre, the chef looked korean which gave me high hopes but left me fairly disappointed.

So my friend introduced me to this stall after seeing me queue for the long line at Ah Liang Ipoh Hor Fun which they are famous for their silky hor fun with fish dumplings.

What I liked about this dish is that their curry gravy is quite thick and is super good. Goes really well with the pork chop and their standard of the hor fun is similar to ah liang. In fact, I prefer this stall because of their curry gravy... portion too much for me, not forgetting 2 huge potatoes as well.

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This place gets really crowded during lunch hours.

This place is famous for their chilli where customer will add it to their ban mee.

As a non- chilli eater, I opted for the one with pork chop and tossed with black sauce. Pork chop was not bad. There were also pork lard and 2 very crispy hu kee. Love the addition of the fried onions as well. Portion of the noodles was actually a lot for a girl. The black sauce was not v salty, probably suited for those who intended to add chilli. However, for me, the entire dish tasted rather bland and one dimensional. And its probably my fault for not adding the chilli. With that said, I won’t be back here again

This store always draw a long lunch crowd and I finally had a chance to taste it.

The fried fish served was in huge chunks and there were cabbage, tomato and tofu inside.
I loved the super crispy garlic !!!

Additional 0.50 rice

Not a ban mian lover but I would gladly eat this again. The $4 portion wasn’t a lot in terms of noodles but they gave quite a lot of mushrooms. Even without the chilli, their gravy was flavorful enough.

Added an extra $0.60 for onsen egg

Laska gravy was an additional $0.70.
I enjoyed it a lot since it wasn’t too spicy.

You are also given the option to deep fry some of the chosen ingredients. And I think deep frying helps give it another dimension. I soaked some of it into the gravy and it was so good. It’s like soft egg tofu encased in a crispy skin.

Rice was fragrant and had a slight coconut taste to it. Egg was slightly runny while the cabbage wasn’t cooked till soggy.

Waiting time for this stall can get pretty long especially during lunch time since there’s only one chef.

There was a substantial amount of beef. Black peppers gravy wasn’t too overpowering. Overall, the dish had wok hey.

Tried their spring onion pork before and its pretty decent too.

Super smooth and silky hor fun with freshly fried fish dumplings. YUMMYYY

Go for their pork chop, eggs and cabbage !! Pork chop is thin and crispy. Goes well with the thick curry gravy.

One of the best shao rou I’ve even eaten. The skin is crispy and the fats melt in your mouth.

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Tender grilled chicken doused in sweet sauce accompanied with an egg and curry on rice. Delicious and affordable meal

Forever hungry • Can be seen munching on a slice of pizza most of the times

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