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Didn’t think that this would fill me up but it definitely did !!

Shared the cheesy chicken combo with my friend. We requested a mix of the fried chicken and the one with non- spicy sauce. The staff would first melt the cheese before wrapping it over the chicken. Not bad.

Crepe cake was soft and not too sweet. Just nice for a light tea time snack.

The shop has a huge variety of flavors so do give them a try !

Truffle fries was good but I loved the baked eggs more.

Dip the cheese toast into the baked eggs for a satisfying treat. Portion is enough for one person.

Thai milk green tea was smooth and fragrant.
You can adjust your sugar levels here.

This was unexpectedly good as well. Matcha had a robust and distinct flavour.

This cafe is super popular with Singapore due to its close proximity to the customs. So be prepared to queue here !!

Food wise, we didn’t really like the honeycomb butter but we enjoyed the crispy churros served with dark chocolate sauce. The eggs benny was also quite delightful

This was as good as their mains.

The pancakes came slightly smaller than the ones usually sold in Singapore but the portion is filling enough after a full meal.

Pancake was soft and fluffy and we drizzled the chocolate sauce over it. There were chocolate shavings and the tiramisu flavor came from the tiramisu cream and not the pancake itself.

There was also cream cheese used in the batter.

Everything went well together and it was v satisfying.

Quality rice bowls found in this little gem located around 15 mins from the JB causeway.

Sunlight was streaming into the cafe and there were lots of greenery inside. Very cosy.

I enjoyed my unagi rice bowl which came with a runny egg. Even the salad was good - they added fried onions, pineapples and mango inside.

Earl grey milk tea had a distinct earl grey taste and it wasn’t overly sweet !!!

Highly recommend this cafe to anyone’s whose on a budget and wants quality food.

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i love pastas and pizzas!

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