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very affordable chinese food!!! no wonder it’s always crowded. 8 dishes for $104 and feeds 5-6 pax !! there were a wide variety of dishes which we were so tempted to try.. there’s always a second time

our fave items were the tomato scramble egg, the lala, sweet and sour pork (saw another table ordering 2 plates of this!!) and the vermicelli like tang hoon

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saw a long q as we approached the stall at around 1 plus on a sunday. queued for around 30 mins.

we ordered the tom yum maggi mee with fried fish. the fried fish remained abit crispy after being soaked in the soup. the tom yum packs a punch, sour and spicy. very flavorful and keeps you wanting more. this meal was super comforting

Added $1.50 for a bowl of fried egg

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love it whenever i craves for mala, i get to enjoy all the unhealthy food in one setting. luncheon meat, cheese tofu, pork belly, maggi mee to soak up the mala!! lovely but q exp as it’s ard $10 for this.

stall: Chuan Tai Zi Mala Tang

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solid dim sum served here!! love the molten custard paus.

this place is like a modern zhi char restaurant, around 10 minutes walk from DG mrt

there’s a wide variety of items to choose from such as curry fish head, prawn paste chicken, vegetables, tofu and roasted meats. they are famous for their char siew.

you can choose to pair your meat with rice or noodles and i chose the oily rice. the rice was very fragrant while the skin of the pork was thin and crispy. i love the fried tofu too

will return.

Mala xiao la was manageable for me. went abit overboard when choosing the ingrendients but enjoyed every bit of it. yummy

this place serves fried rice too which had decent work hey.

chicken was very tender but i feel the curry was not lemak and spicy enough.
will stick to their soups

it’s been quite some time since i last patronize a noodle story which has their original outlet at Amoy Food Centre. Prices have increased by quite a bit. for $10.80, i’ll consider this expensive even though this is in an air-con place.

instead of the prawn wrapped in the potato noodle, they have swapped it up with ngoh hiang. still quite decent. noodle portion was quite little. the char siew was tender and melt in your month.

The set with comes with a drink cost $12.80. Ala carte orders can only be placed at the counter and not via the machine.

we always ordered the roasted pork and decided to try the char siew this time. but it was quite disappointing. char siew was cut in thick chunks and not super tender which affected the entire mouthfeel. will stick to just roast pork again

the tofu that was thinly battered served with fried garlic is my ultimate fave dish. even though it’s just an appetizer, i can gladly finish the entire bowl with rice. but note that this tofu does not survive well when it’s dabaoed because the water will condense and the skin will be damn soggy.

hor fun with beef and the ee fu noodles are also what we constantly order here and yea, their standard is still there

the prawns were so good!!! super fresh and the shell had this subtle sweet and charred taste to it.


first time at this hotpot joint.
we tried 3 different soup bases - tomato, pork bone and the mala.

overall, food was not bad for its quality and pricing. majority liked the frog leg, beef cubes and the pork belly. the tomato and pork bone soup can be drank but the mala soup base was way too oily to be drank. we only used it to cook the ingredients
6 pax around $240

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too little ingredients for $10
taste wise, there’s a slightly ‘ma’ taste to it

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c n

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i love pastas and pizzas!

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