Featuring KOOKS Creamery (Serangoon), Whiskit Bakery & Cafe, MuYoo (Raffles City), Beyond Pancakes (Marina Square), Olla Specialty Coffee (Sunset Way), Ice Fork, Societea, U-Cha (Lavender), Grinaffair
Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan

Left: Iced Hojicha Latte
Right: Iced Matcha Latte

A small quaint cafe with not many seats but service staff are very friendly and helpful! Both lattes were sooo good. They are not the sweet ones you might expect from other places, but contained the slightly bitter taste of matcha / hojicha so you know they dont use any sweeteners.

Used BB 1 for 1 so it was $5.50 for 2 drinks, very worth it!

Not a fan of coffee but I think both are decent, not bad. Paid $7 for both drinks using BB 1 for 1. Wanted to go for either Matcha Latte or Avocado Milkshake but both were oos coincidentally. ;(

Small cafe tucked among the many shops at Hong Lim Complex. Wanted to try the tarts after looking at the reviews but there weren’t much choices available (no ondeh, orh nee, lemon meringue, hazelnut chocolate or milo which look so good from the photos) when we went on Saturday at 5pm. Will come back to try again!

Bought 2 oreo cheese milk tea (paid $3.50 for both using BB 1 for 1) but was slightly disappointed as it wasn’t what I had expected. It was milk tea with a layer of cheese and a scatter of oreo bits (cant be seen in the photo) on the cheese, instead of what I thought it would be- even mix of oreo and milk tea (like the one at Ice Fork which was yummy). Couldn’t taste the oreo at all. :(

An extremely small shop but the flavours are unique! Tried the lapsang souchong milk tea and korean milk tea (roasted korean barley) based on recos by the staff and both were nice! Had 1 for 1 BB so total = $3.

Waffles were not bad, but choice of ice-cream is quite limited. We got 2 waffles w/ single scoop ($10 each) + 2 drinks ($7.90 for tea, $4.90 for latte I think) using 1 for 1 BB. Total = $20, still quite ex IMO.

For oreo & milk lovers, the Oreo Milk Bubble is the bombz!! They are generous with the crushed oreo bits. The milk is fresh and pearls are small and chewy too. 3 Bros Milk Tea is normal milk tea (a bit on the sweet side though- didn’t get to choose sweetness level) with 3 different toppings- pearls, grass jelly and pudding. Paid $4 in total using BB 1-For-1. Would come back again for the oreo milk bubble!

We got these in M size for $4.50 in total. The matcha latte was nice. The avocado brown sugar has an unique taste... not bad but wouldn’t order that again.

The pastas were average, but the pancakes were yummy! These chocolate chip pancakes were fluffy, warm and went v well with the butter/maple syrup. No 1 for 1 deals for this but would come back for pancakes.

$13.30 for 2 cookies with icecream + drinks using Burpple Beyond, really worth! The matcha lava one was delicious!

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