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Weiru Koh
Weiru Koh

Carbonara is not jelat. There’s bacon, poached egg, mushroom (which were really nice).

Will definitely come back again to try their pizza!

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The grilled salmon is grilled well being crispy and flavourful on the outside while remaining tender and juicy on the inside. I asked for the creamy lemon sauce to be separated as I personally do not like to have too much sauce on my food. I’m glad I did so as I wouldn’t have wanted the sauce to mix with my aglio olio.

The carbonara is flavourful and creamy and the portion of bacon is generous. However, the cream is really thick and towards the end, it got difficult to finish.

It’s our 2nd time back at Umi Nami and once again it did not disappoint. We were really craving the aburi salmon and we just had to return! They are really generous with the amount of salmon they give and that’s always a plus point!

The Aglio Olio tastes good with the right amount of spiciness and garlic and the serving of 5 tiger prawns was generous for its price even though the tiger prawns were just average. The carbonara was not bad and I did not feel jelat when eating.

However, waiting time for the food was really long. Perhaps they are shorthanded.

*Important thing take note is that the waitress told us that if we had made a reservation, we would not have been able to use the Burpple Beyond voucher.*

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Both the Aburi Scallop Salmon Don and Special Salmon Don were really good! The taste of the rice was just right and the scallops and salmon was really fresh and we really loved how we could taste the torched taste on the salmon.

Point to note is that the mayo sauce gets a bit overpowering at the end, and the portion of rice is not the biggest. Even so, we really loved the food and we will definitely go back for more!

The Pork Cheek Quesadilla was really delicious and flavorful and the nachos that came with it was crunchy and matched well with the Quesadilla. Even though it’s $20, I think the price was justified by the taste.

The smoked salmon was also really good and it felt like it melted in my mouth. It went well with the bread, but the bread could be a little crunchier.

Overall, the food is priced reasonably and it is what is expected for a cafe. The food is really good and we’ll visit again if we’re in the area.

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Chicken leg is tender and flavorful, matches well w the sauce. Ribs are average, it is not the most tender ribs that i’ve had, and it doesnt peel off the bones easily.

Cafe is located 15-20mins walk away from Harboufront MRT. There’s a wide selection of dishes. Will definitely come back and try other dishes next time!

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