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Cafes In Singapore

Cafes In Singapore

Cafe hopping and burning a hole in my pocket. Oh wait, what pocket.
Mich C
Mich C

This is what I call a beautiful work of art. Rich and creamy sesame ice cream topped over a warm cookie flowing with bitter sweet matcha filling.

New Christmas flavours available till 5th Jan 2020. Got to say I ain’t no alcoholic but this whisky chocolate cookie is definitely a hit for me. Paired with the smooth and creamy Mont Blanc ice cream topped with crushed meringue. Ice cream craving satisfied.

Felt so robbed paying such exorbitant prices for mediocre ice cream. In fact, they charge an addition $1 for the black truffle flavour ice cream which turned out to be pretty disappointing. Would suggest sticking to the dark chocolate flavours here and ignore the rest. Unless you are into those milky diluted ice cream.

Interesting deconstructed concept but failed in terms of taste. Fried chicken had little meat and the batter wasn’t even crispy. Pickled radish tasted off but at least the kimchi was decent.

As the pancakes were pretty dry on their own, I would recommend the additional $2.50 for a scoop of chocolate ice cream to balance the dryness of the pancakes. The fruits were sweet and really fresh though.

This is the real deal. Pillow soft and poofy, this wobbly goodness is definitely a must have over here.

Matcha taste was faint, pancakes were dry and the sheer amount of cream was just distracting. The azuki was surprisingly smooth and pleasant though. And the 2 mochi were something welcoming as it was surprisingly firm, chewy but not gooey.

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Sad cup of hot chocolate. Felt like I was drinking a cup of warm milk with some chocolate essence.

Like how they don’t use the term premium flavours as a chance to increase the price for the single scoop. Top up $4 for a chocolate waffle to pair with that rich scoop of dark chocolate ice cream. Going double chocolate might be abit overwhelming for me, so I recommend sharing the calories with someone.

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A little on the charred side if you can still spot the egg. Aside, this is some power packed burger with 2 patties - beef and lamb.

Pretty expensive drink for a thirst quencher.

Huge fluffy pancakes topped with a few mixed berries with berry sorbet and whip cream at the side. Quite a steep price for something simple but sometimes you just want ice cream with pancakes.

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