The char siew bowl came with cherry tomatoes, broccoli, brown rice and of course, char siew. The char siew was tender and nicely roasted, and the flavours worked well together. it seems like a healthy meal choice, with brown rice and a good serving of veggies to go along with it.

$4, the noodles are silky smooth and slightly firm (the way I love it), but by end of the meal have softened slightly. the soup is extremely tasty. it's sweet and full of the tomato flavour, and is rich enough that it coats the noodles even as you eat the noodles dry on its own (vs in a spoon of soup). the egg is also fried separately such that it retains its fried and slightly wok hei taste, which differs from your typical ban mian egg which is more like an egg drop soup style of egg.

we ordered two signature kei kaisendons but they accidentally mentaiko-ed both. they did ask if we were okay with it, and we accepted one with mentaiko and one original. it was great! I loved the mentaiko one (: sashimi and seafood was great and fresh!
we used burpple beyond, so each set was $29.90++. comes with salad, soup ( we swooped out one soup for corn), 2 yakitori sticks, ice tea and a don which appears to be the small size.
given that a small don is $12.90, I hiiiiiiighly doubt the value of a salad, miso soup, and tea is the other $17. the set is probably worth $15, and they doubled the value to $29.90 for beyond members to use one-for-one 😒 honestly, great food, we'd 100% come back. just probably not use the beyond deal since we can get a bigger don for the same price, without the random soup and salad.

initially read the reviews saying that the mung bean drink wasn't to their taste, but it's their specialty so we had to give it a shot! we used burpple beyond anyway, so might as well try one. we ordered dark chocolate creme, with salty creme topping (included). it was very nice with a touch of salt to bring out the flavours. wasn't too sweet. the mung bean drink with pearls was really thick, almost like a paste. it's like green bean soup blended. (by the way we thought mung bean was the tau suan bean, but it's green bean) the pearls were soft and chewy. the drink is really refreshing and great to have on a hot day. we loved it so much we came back within a week to have another mung bean drink lol. even regretted not getting the large size the second time round.

$9, did not expect it to be so big! We thought it was a single-person serving, and almost ordered two desserts (after three tapas and a free-flow paella for three people). It was way too much. For the serving size, it's pretty worth it, though I honestly would have rather a smaller serving size and a lower price. The caramelised layer sugar on the top was great, but you can hardly go wrong with that.. can you? the custard itself was okay, not mind blowing nor bad. I tasted a hint of lemon. Overall would enjoy it more if I weren't so full from the paella buffet lol.

$13, these eggplant chips were good but not value for money. The eggplant chips remained crispy throughout the meal, and had a light taste on the palate. The interior was extremely soft and mushy, which contrasted with the crisp exterior. I ate this, alternating the dip into the garlic prawn sauce and the honey. The honey had a unique flavour, unlike any other honey I've tried. Not better or worse, just different. I loved the dish, but i just dont think eggplant is worth $13.

$13, the beef cheeks were incredibly tender. The bell peppers, which i normally dislike, are soft and mushy and paired well with both the paella that we were having, and the beef. Pretty worth it.

$13 for tapas, this was really fragrant (makes my mouth water just thinking about it) Seems to be a really thick layer of oil, though. We used the bread to soak up the amazing sauce, and still had some leftover to mix with my paella for extra flavour. Prawns were sweet and fresh. We shared this between three people and its all right. I'm happy there's no prawn tails in the way too!

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