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Three To Six

Three To Six

My 3-6pm lunch break meals :)
Jelly Sauce
Jelly Sauce

Super love Minang choices of food but today I was full so only had the fish and potato :)

Had the white chocolate mocha , I think it was okay ~ but environment very clean, big and nice to chill&chat with friends :)

Was craving for Taiwanese braised pork rice , second. Time here but the last time tasted better this time soso only :(

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Lemon lime chicken always my choice since secondary school the price has been the same right , still as good and affordable :)

Chinese ver Crispy Pork Chop With Rice Comes with Fries & a bowl of cabbage soup For Only $4.50
Super Yummy And Affordable :)

Whenever I’m here to print my stuffs I will choose to have this ytm! Very basic and yummy !