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Charlene Tan
Charlene Tan

Enjoyed this meal very much. Salmon texture was just right, skin was crispy, aglio olio had the right garlic taste!

Fusion of local and Italian. Was a little salty and tasted abit weird. Prawn wasn’t that fresh, overall quite an interesting dish but not great.

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Beef patty was thick, would rate the burger as okay. Fries was obviously double fried, very hard. Overall a pretty normal meal, not great.

Fish was fresh and the potato with mushroom hash was great. Mushrooms were fragrant and the fried enoki added to the crunch! Enjoy this meal!

Truffle scent was strong, but a pity that the egg wasn’t that runny. Still a good pick!

Golden snapper tacos with curly fries! A little pricey but delicious dish, great for sharing too!

Baked salmon and mashed potatoes wth tom yum sauce. Really enjoyed this meal! Super yummy and don’t feel sinful. Used burpple beyond 1 for 1.

French toast served with maple glazed pork belly, rocket, burrata, pomegranates and tomatoes! A great combination of the ingredients!

Crazy portion of waffles with chicken Katsu, twister fries and cocktail chicken. Will only have it with 1 for 1. Portion is too crazy and not very heart friendly!

Coconut yogurt parfait, Blackberry compote with honey! Totally my kind of food, very generous portion size.

Very delicious fried chicken, waffles was fluffy but the combi feels a little greasy towards the end. A must-try at Clinton St nonetheless!

2 pieces of chargrilled boneless chicken thigh marinated with honey lemon sauce, topped with cheese and lemon! Chicken thigh was really tender and juicy, I would remove the skin though. You can select 2 sides - it’s truffle lotus and French fries for me!