ice cream

ice cream

Featuring Sunday Folks, KOOKS Creamery (Serangoon), Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique (East Coast Road), Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), Apiary, Moosh Softserve (Haji Lane), The Daily Scoop (SOTA)
bev c
bev c

$6 (with the cone, $5 without) // THIS WAS SO NICE!!!! swear this is the best gelato shop in SG, creative, intricately-paired flavours and can tell that the ingredients are of good quality, producing a very smooth and creamy gelato!! tried the roasted sesame which was a white sesame base with (generous) swirls of black sesame!! yumz!! rly blew me away the moment it hit my tongue :~))) and it was a real treat when paired with the thyme cone (not a flavour u see everyday heheheh)

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$4.50 for regular // the nutella soft serve was sooo creamy and milky and thick and made for a super satisfying dessert for the sweet tooth in me !! it’s topped with brownie chunks, biscuit crumbs (to mimic the cheesecake base????) and nutella fudge sauce. yuMz!!!

$13.50 // pricey, but worth it. the charcoal waffles were light and fluffy (though it didn’t have much flavor on its own), and the ice cream was so smooth mindblowingly good!!! i got their signature blue milk (blue pea + sea salt) and earl grey lavender, and i like how this place has many unique flavors!!

a literal hole in the wall, this cosy place is such a hidden gem with great food ☺️☺️☺️

$11.50++ for soft serve ice cream + single waffle // might b a little pricey for the size, but it is well worth it!!! i swear out of all the waffles/ice cream places i’ve been to, this one still remains tops. intricately balanced ice cream flavors, perfect combination of creamy and icy (so that it isn’t too rich but also not too watered down) and crispy/fluffy/sweet waffles. legit major yumz. got the sea salt gula melaka and earl grey lavender ice cream today and both were 💯💯💯

$8.80 for a set of ice cream + lava cookie // was in the vicinity and decided to pop by for a cute snack!! got the chocolate lava cookie + speculoos ice cream today — warm, freshly baked cookie that had a sugar cookie crunch like texture around the edges with a gooey center and oozing out chocolate, paired together with the icy cold ice cream (yuck look at me and my lack of a better adjective to describe ice cream) makes for a treat that is mad yumz !!!

$7 // i’m backkk at merely’s (and tbh, after studying + staying so close to this shop, i feel like i’m going to come back here *very* often and maybe soon i’d have reviewed every single flavor of theirs on my burpple account 😛😛) and well, their ice cream rly doesn’t disappoint! tried oreo milk today and it was great as well, strong oreo flavor in the ice cream, infused with generous chunks of oreo cookies and cream cheese/ cheesecake bits, which was a delight to my palate. paired it with their waffles today and i rly enjoyed it! the waffles are crispy on the edges but soft on the inside and it was the right level of sweetness. the rectangular size is also not too big so i guess you feel less guilty from consuming it XD

$7.80 (managed to get 10% cashback when paid with fave app for usage on my next purchase, so quite worth imo) // anyway, decided to try daily scoop’s ice cream and waffles!! their speculoos ice cream was great, as it captured the ideal cinnamon + caramel flavour of speculoos and i felt like the consistency and texture was smooth, creamy and didn’t melt too quickly. however, if i were you, i’d pass on the waffles as it was too crispy and didn’t rly have any taste

$6.70 for double scoop with 1 premium flavor // sort of a hidden gem kind of place, located in the relatively quiet sunshine plaza. this place serves up rotating flavors which are all quite interesting, like lavender chocolate tea, caramel milk tea, milo fudge cake to name a few. today i decided to //(forgo my diet and give myself a midweek treat) //try the s’mores and valrhona chocolate and they taste exactly like how you’d imagine them to be, in the best version you could imagine!! enjoyed every bite of it :-)) only potential downside is that i’ve noticed their ice cream melts super fast, much faster than other ice cream places

count your blessings, not calories 💫

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