All About Bakery

All About Bakery

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Matcha Bun ($2.80) consisted of matcha crunch & green tea powder on top of the bread as green tea soft bun filled chocolate custard filling (can refer the picture for description of matcha bun) so basically I don't really understand why they wanted to do similar concept for matcha bun as donq bakery but they saw a lot of people bought matcha bun and always sold out within a couple of minutes after releasing on the shelves. They think that they should be trying to make matcha bun for attracting people to buy it. But I didn't saw people wanted to buy matcha bun and a lot of matcha bun left it at shelves when I was at there around late afternoon time. I felt the quality for matcha bun was not up to the standard even though they managed to replicate most of it. The matcha bun (cream) was quite milky and creamy for me as I didn't taste much chocolate custard inside the filling. The matcha crunch was quite hard for me and the green tea powder like to keep dropping off from the bread (felt a bit of waste when the powder was on the plate) saw @cinnamor011 doing matcha bun reviews on last two weeks so I didn't wanted to write it at that time. oh yes my top of the matcha bun got hit at Zojirushi Toaster Oven (u can google it and it is still selling at electronic store) as it was quite high height for toaster. my family and I even saw fire burning off on matcha bun *internal shock* and so I didn't wanted to talk about it anymore. you all can referred the picture that the top of bread is being cut off and revealed matcha filling from top of the bread.

Matcha Cheese Tart (Flor Patisserie) ($3.80) I wanted to try their cheese tart also and didn't saw it on previous visit at there until saw fridge on the capitol contained a lot of cheese tart. so I decided to buy the tart back for home. The cheese was quite thick and also can be easily covered up over matcha. They also selling a variety of flavours such as earl grey, durian, etc but durian flavour sell $5.00 and rest of them sold around $3 to $4? they didn't really put price tag on the cheese tart at fridge itself. I tried not taking cheese tart from fridge itself because of hygiene purpose and let them to take and pack cheese tart for takeaway instead.

I decided to reduce my number for post and I wanted to post all but it's quite repeating so I cut down a bit for now. So yes it's final post for keong saik bakery. I didn't expected that I will be heading back again before heading to work. Tarté au Matcha ($8.50) was quite nice and isn't that milky or creamy. Probably I need to share desserts with my friends :") I usually eat dessert alone and felt that my stomach cannot take it anymore due to dairy tolerance >.< tbh I got that great time to take photo for this because the lighting shine much better and my mood turned much better too.

Finally passed by Bishan after a long time again. Joined crowds for buying Injeolmi Red Bean Bun ($2) from Hulurk Myeon House @ Junction 8 (Bishan). I just go there and need at least 5 to 10 mins for releasing bread around 4.45 p.m. I felt that Injeolmi Red Bean Bun was really taste like soya bean but also their red bean was too little tbh. Need to put inside fridge for cream bun after buying there. 😅

Finally coming for Matcha Cruffin (waiting for next post and also writing the reviews 😬) and oh yes I was a break for black friday weekend. That's why I decided to be inactive a bit and also my money 💸. Matcha Latte (Hot) ($5.50) was quite good and that's not milky and creamy texture and a bit bitter and sweet aftertaste. Thank you for prompt help in putting drink holder inside the bag if not my drink will not surviving 😅.

Matcha Coconut Toast ($3.50) ok I finally waited their premium toast for a long time and yeah Matcha Coconut fillings just leaked out (I cri) because I left it at my bag. I just salvaged by taking it from my bag. To my surprise, 😂 I DOUBT MYSELF TO BE THINKING THIS COCONUT OR MATCHA TOAST AGAIN WHEN I EAT ON FIRST TRIES 🥴. COCONUT > MATCHA 🤔 Matcha Coconut was quite good and they are also selling in bottles if you are interested to buy from them. I really like the wholemeal bread that they use it but the traditional or premium fillings for bread they are creative for selling it out.

So they didn't have Matcha Burnt Cheesecake and they did recommended for Hojicha Burnt Cheesecake. I didn't really mind about Houjicha as they was more prompted for their service. I felt that Hojicha's taste was much stronger than burnt cheesecake. Once again, I felt the moist for cheesecake was quite on the bottom of the cake. Hojicha > Cheese 🧀? Hmmm I don't really appreciate cheesecake tbh as having diary intolerant over and over again. 😭

Matcha Cruffin ($5.50) is under Seasonal Specials (Daily) and made me wondered so long for trying it after opening for at least one year. Didn't expected that it was near Farrer Road MRT (Circle Line) (Exit B) and located behind Empress Market. I will be waiting for Matcha Burnt Cheesecake due to lack of matcha powder for now. Matcha Muffin got that thick and strong bitter aftertaste (not that milky) and need to pair with no sugar based for tea. As mentioned earlier on one of my post, every place I always get a shot if not need to wait for next time ba. I wonder my reviews for food was short-form (quite straight forward) and didn't want to explain too much as people will be getting bored to read lol.

Matcha Swiss Roll ($7.50) I noticed that the topping of swiss roll was quite fragile (not really stick into the cake) and top of the cake crumble everytime I need to cut swiss roll. The matcha cream taste quite bitter but too water-ish (moisture) 💦 and milky🥛 for matcha 🍵 cream but it was not that creamy as you all can trying to dip top with the matcha cream. I felt swiss roll was quite dry and rough texture without the cream but you really need to depend on matcha cream. 🥴 I really speechless that I got that high expectation especially in cakes and swiss roll but it failed badly so much. 😶

My matcha foodies shared via the story about Matcha Burnt Cheesecake will be discontinued on 7 Nov soon 😱😭. So I decided to go there for Matcha Burnt Cheesecake ($8.50) and Matcha Swiss Roll for first time 😎 So I managed to search map for shortcut from Mrt exit 👌 Like you need to cut through Duxton Park behind Teo Hong Road. I didn't expected that I managed to cut across 😅. I'm a not a fan of burnt or normal cheesecake but I cannot appreciate for cheesecake too well. I found it's quite too waterish (too much moisture) while eating cake😅🍵 > Cheese 🧀? - > my thoughts while eating the cake? Matcha got bitter taste but cheese got that strong taste can be overtake over the cake? Cannot figured how the burnt cheesecake cake can take over CB Period but I still want to taste two face cheesecake next time 😉

Omgggg finally went bck to ASANOYA BAKERY after a long time for Karuizawa Green Tea ($2.00) after I went during CNY Eve which it is early year :") and I didn't chose Karuizawa Green Tea that time :( I think I will be going back for Karuizawa Green Tea next time but I didn't expected that it was quite long for waiting (even though I went to passby the area (waterloo center) that time but I didn't went for bread :( Karuizawa Green Tea was quite fluffy and soft bread that I was quite happy for getting bread but I didn't tasted much for green tea (idk). I'm not a fan of bread (i cri) but pls don't unfollowed me. I was quite a fan of desserts (especially cake and ice cream) that I asked my friends for dessert time (that's why I enjoy tea time most of time)

Omgggg finally went bck to ASANOYA BAKERY after a long time 🦇 for hot dog bun and also matcha toast bread (put in another post) . I really like hot dog bun so much 💕 and I didn't expected that it's so good 👍and got that thickness for hot dog 👌


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