All About Bakery

All About Bakery

Featuring Tiong Bahru Bakery (Tiong Bahru), Bread Yard, Keong Saik Bakery, Asanoya Boulangerie (Queen Street), Bakery Brera & Fine Foods, Wu Pao Chun, Mr Baguette (Golden Mile Food Centre), Cedele Bakery Kitchen (Greenwich V), Bunnies (People's Park Complex), St. Leaven

Hojicha Swiss Roll is another wishlist that my sister bought cake from tiong hoes specialty coffee located at stiring road. i always went for cofeee there. sometimes adding the cake with coffee. just realised that their cake just getting much smaller 😗 so the taste is much better than matcha flavour. got that roasted taste for hojicha.

so the chocolate rye zucchini cake ($5) was quite salty tbh and quite strong mixed spiced flavour.

Didn't expected that I went there during raining day 🥲 and sorry for spam today since I'm not working and wanted to clear some photos before moving to the shared drive 😅 thanks for recommendation @cinnamor011 and sharing bread loots also I decided to try their sourdough, bread and cake. so it’s just good and nice for their sourbread and bread but their cake is not that for me. As you can heard the sourdough being cut asmr, got that crunchy sound 😘

Oh yes I managed to get Matcha Pan ($1.70) from Barcook Bakery 😗 before phase 1.2 heng ah 😬 Matcha Pan got distinct taste for Matcha but just worth it to buy it once a while.

Lava Bun’s Pricing (1 Piece - $3; 2 Pieces - $4; 6 Pieces - $11)

Adzuki Lava (Matcha Filling with Aduzki - Red Bean) hmmm 🤔 I don’t know how to write food reviews already for this because I felt that it was quite sweet and milky aftertaste for matcha lava filling and also their red bean was quite hard to chew after reheating the lava bun.

Tiramisu Lava (Espresso, Almond and Cheese)

Red Velvet Lava (Yogurt, Beetroot, Chocolate and Cheese)

Orange Pomelo (New Flavour) (Orange Slices and Dried Pomelo) (not in picture)

I also felt that all their other flavour for lava filling was quite sweet aftertaste for me and probably not buying if I passby again 🤭 If you want to eat melting

Matcha 🍵 Macadamia Cookie 🍪 ($3.70)
It’s quite thick cookie dough tbh and I felt that it’s quite sweet and nutty taste on the other side but still gave bitter aftertaste.

Matcha 🍵 Donut 🍩 ($3.80)
A lot of matcha fillings inside the donut (they don’t really stingy for putting so much) and so it’s quite worth it tbh for getting more. I felt that it’s was quite milky but still have bitter aftertaste.

Cinnamon Rolls ($3.80)
In real fact, I bought for my mum to try out the bread 🍞 so she said that they put more sesame topping on the bread but the cinnamon taste is not that strong. Probably it’s covered up the taste already.

Hot Cross Buns (Dark Chocolate) (Easter Special) was quite hard textue (after reheat) (I don't think that the buns didn't suitable for reheat tbh for my opinion) what's opinions about this? It's quite sweet taste for buns.

Japanese Sweet Potato Mini Loaf (oddle - $5.30) was quite hard texture (after reheat) and sweet taste for loaf.

Wanted to try Hokkaido Pumpkin Melon Pan when I was there last year at Great World City and focused on matcha bread instead. Managed to clear the list for matcha series and decided to try something else instead. I didn't really a fan of bread so I like their pumpkin filling to be smooth and thick puree (paste) but their outer bread was quite dry and soft aftertaste.

Matcha Bun ($2.80) consisted of matcha crunch & green tea powder on top of the bread as green tea soft bun filled chocolate custard filling (can refer the picture for description of matcha bun) so basically I don't really understand why they wanted to do similar concept for matcha bun as donq bakery but they saw a lot of people bought matcha bun and always sold out within a couple of minutes after releasing on the shelves. They think that they should be trying to make matcha bun for attracting people to buy it. But I didn't saw people wanted to buy matcha bun and a lot of matcha bun left it at shelves when I was at there around late afternoon time. I felt the quality for matcha bun was not up to the standard even though they managed to replicate most of it. The matcha bun (cream) was quite milky and creamy for me as I didn't taste much chocolate custard inside the filling. The matcha crunch was quite hard for me and the green tea powder like to keep dropping off from the bread (felt a bit of waste when the powder was on the plate) saw @cinnamor011 doing matcha bun reviews on last two weeks so I didn't wanted to write it at that time. oh yes my top of the matcha bun got hit at Zojirushi Toaster Oven (u can google it and it is still selling at electronic store) as it was quite high height for toaster. my family and I even saw fire burning off on matcha bun *internal shock* and so I didn't wanted to talk about it anymore. you all can referred the picture that the top of bread is being cut off and revealed matcha filling from top of the bread.


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