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the ondeh ondeh ice cream managed to replicate the taste of the original dessert very well, however the flavor was on the milder side. when paired with the lava cookie, the buttery taste from the cookie and chocolate lava totally overwhelmed the ice cream making the whole dish super underwhelming.

the signature lava cookie was on the crumblier side, which was not my fave but for those who like crispy cookies (like tappy) you’ll enjoy it!

the curry fishball was so damn salty that we could barely taste any hint of curry. and the fishball just tasted like the softer version of dodo fried fish ball??? might as well i buy the raw ingredients and cook at home.

the pineapple bun was so dense and hard. and the top crust wasn’t crispy at all, so it just tasted like a subpar bread disguising itself as bo lo bao.

the famous egg tarts. all i can say is don’t bother and save yourself some grief and calories by getting taicheong instead. we tried both the puff and hoover tarts, and it was so lacking in taste. the crust of the tarts were not buttery enough and tasted v hard. esp the puff version, there was like only two layers of skin??? and while the egg filling was wobbly and pretty, it didn’t have the distinct eggy fragrance that a good egg tart shld have and just tasted so bland.

in short, don’t waste your time, money & calories. it’s such a tragedy that this is tainting our memories of hk food during a period where we can’t travel.

we had never really tried cappuccino before prior to this, but this tiny cup made us fall in love with it 🥰 definitely not a coffee connoisseur but we loved the smoothness of the coffee and the richness of the foam.

the brioche french toast was super soft, barely needing us to chew before it melts directly in our mouth. each slice of the toast was generously soaked with milk and cinnamon, and we were pretty impressed with how the toast managed to hold its shape as we had expected it to collapse with all the liquidy goodness within. the roasted pecans were also so so delightful. it added a much needed crunch to the otherwise “soft” dish. while tappy enjoyed this dish immensely, i felt that the extreme softness took away some of the much needed texture. nevertheless, it was still a very enjoyable dish!!

def a place we’ll visit again, rain or shine☀️☀️☀️

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the chicken & waffles had to be my fave cafe dish ever!!!!!! the waffle was so soft and chewy (my fave kind ever), and i legit need every cafe to start serving this kind of waffles. the chicken was also very well seasoned; it was slightly salty and spicy on its own but balanced out really well with the slight sweetness of the waffle. & can i say that the maple butter was glorious? the addition of butter kinda added a little more weight (if it’s the right word?) to the maple syrup and i felt that it helped to add more dimension to the dish.

the french toast was a delight 🥰🥰🥰 the toast tasted relatively denser than what i was used to but it still managed to absorb all the goodness of the egg wash and whatever spices they threw in. loved the pecans and honeycombs as they gave the mouthful of toast such a nice crunch. only regrets abt this dish was that why can’t we have two scoops of ice cream instead? it tasted so amazing & i genuinely believe that they shld start selling ice cream too (or share their supplier with the world)

absolutely loved the fried chicken, the meat was super juicy and tender, the seasoning was on-point though a bit saltish and it went so well with the corn cake which on the sweeter side. absolutely loved the spicy gravy & yolk oozing fried egg as they gave the dish so much flavors when we had all the components in one mouthful.

absolutely loved the french toast!! the toast was thick & fluffy, and there were notes of cinnamon in every mouthful. the caramelized bananas were a nice touch as it lent a hint of bitterness & fragrance to offset the sweetness from the otherwise cloyingly sweet dish.

the latte should be good for most people!! the flavor of the beans was bold and slightly bitter. but for us who likes milky drinks, it was a tad too intense.

the all-in brekkie was the typical breakfast dish at cafes, and there wasn’t anything memorable abt it. super worth it with burpple though

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