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Joanne Lee Shu En
Joanne Lee Shu En

Pancakes at YBR can never go wrong. Since this Controlled Movement Control Order got my taste palette all over the place, this savoury buttermilk chicken pancakes hit the right taste spots with its umami after-taste! Who knew savoury pancakes can be so yummy! 😍 🥞

If you crave for fresh fruits in your cake, this watermelon cake would definitely do the trick. Honestly, it’s way too sweet for my liking but hey, if you’re a sweet tooth, I’d suggest that you go for it!

This place serves a delicious bowl of salmon don that doesn’t disappoint. Freshly cubed salmon sashimi topped with a generous amount of fish roe and rice. I’d call this the “quick and filling” lunch that anyone can tapao or dine-in on a weekday.

Tried something new for a weekend lunch. Located at the G floor of Sunway Velocity, this cafe has some pretty decent rice bowls and dessert. If you’re looking to have a fulfilling lunch, this is where you can fill both tummies (if you get what I mean). 🤤

If you’re looking for comfort food after a day of shopping, this creamy carbonara is the ultimate comfort food that fills your stomach and soul. Raw egg yolk on the top gives it a thick, creamy finishing to the dish.

Nothing to shout about but it sure is fulfilling and delicious! The beetroot hummus goes well with the greens and Edamame.

First visit to Xiao by Crustz and they got my tastebuds on a roller coaster ride - exciting flavours! This La Nature mousse is a combination of Honey Chocolate sponge, Yuzu Mango Jelly, vanilla cremaux and dark chocolate! Mhmmm, too good to be true (but it’s truly delicious).

Tired of the usual green stuff? Botanica’s wide range of salad variety allows you to eat healthy by giving you the freedom to choose what goes into your salad. On top of that, their sauces are tastefully crafted to suit most tastebuds!

At Foo Foo, their traditional desserts are plated with a modern twist of flavours and appearance. Indeed, it’s a place to go to when you want some outstanding desserts.

Soufflés and cheesecakes, and everything else in between. This cosy cafe has a cosy ambiance - suitable for dessert dates and families! ;)

They have an array of pretty exciting ice-cream flavours to try! You can also sample them before ordering - which is definitely a plus point. Their also offer a variety of cold and hot Matcha desserts. Worth the try!

CMCR serves unconditional big breakfasts that warms your tummy. It’s hearty and fulfilling to the soul - definitely worth the price and for sharing (for small eaters).

Will travel for food. 🍜 Find me on Instagram @theblessedbeing

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