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FAncY CaFes 🦄

FAncY CaFes 🦄

Featuring Benjamin Barker Cafe, Merci Marcel (Tiong Bahru), Wild Honey (Mandarin Gallery), Baristart Coffee (Tanjong Pagar), PS.Cafe (Palais Renaissance)
Ayps  April
Ayps April

Prolly the best pasta I’ve had altho it’s a little oily. King prawns were rly plump 🤪 !!

Bubz got the PS burger and topped up for truffle fries instead of normal shoestring fries ($5++). Didn’t feel that the truffle fries were that great tho!! Expected a little more since it’s so raved about but I guess the dipping sauce (tomyum mayo ??) tasted really unique.

Both mains were $29.5++

Really lovely ambience for celebrations

📌Got an acai bowl & a plate of scones for desert

The granola was a cut above all the granolas I’ve tried in cafes serving açai bowls. & look at the attention to detail when it comes to food presentation 😩🤙🏻 The serving was rly huge so do share it w someone!! They’re rly generous w the fruits servings (blackberries, pomegranate, banana etc)
Added the coconut yoghurt and it had a hint of vanilla flavour (?) beri tasty!! Certainly wasn’t expecting the açai bowl to taste that great 😤

Didn’t try the scones bc we were too full afterwards


Açai 23++
Scones 14++

📌Got Tunisian while my bestie got European!!

🥫Not gonna lie, was expecting rly mediocre all day bfast kinda dishes but I guess I’m pleasantly surprised!! The shakshouka was pretty spicy as compared to the ones I’ve tried and the eggs were perfectly cooked, egg yolk oozed nicely over the chorizo sausage.

🥓Tried a little bit of the European and the Hollandaise sauce wasn’t too cloying, brioche had a rly unique texture and flavour.

PORTIONS WERE HUGE LIKE hUgE!! Underestimated the portions so I got the $100 chope voucher instead of $50 oH GAwD noPE we couldnt even finish everything we ordered 😩

Damage: $24++ per main

📌got the tarte flambe and avocado toast

🍕The portions were huge!! The tarte flambée was perfect and the pear complemented the bacon & blue cheese.

🥑The avocado toast was rather disappointing as the poached egg was overcooked.

📌GoT thE LaksA piZzA & spiCy pOmodorO crAb pAsta & boIIIII I gottA sAy it wAs gWedddd!!

🍤The LAskA piZzA wAsSa tAd toO oILy fOr my likiNg BUT IT RLY TASTES LIKE LAKSA!! RlY intErestiNg flAvorsss hmm IssA mUst tRy!!

🦀the SpiCy pOmoDorO crAb pAsta wAsnT spIcy & the pAstA was Al dEntE. FLAvoUrs were rLy wEll bAlancEd!!

📌 The eGgs beNedIct frEnch toAst was Rly GOOd & the hOllandaise sauce was WeW!!

TRIed the spAgHetti seaFood ShISo pEsto pAsta and was p DiSsApointed cauSe the pRawnS were practically tAsteLesS and the PAAsTar was pweTteh bLand.

✨RlY lovEly plaCe to dinE at!! Chill viBesS ✨
** p.s I accIDENtAlly SmAackked the eGG oFf dA ToASt

BrOke UnderGRaD EatIN GwED 🤙🏻🤙🏻

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