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Dates with bae

Dates with bae

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Grace Goh
Grace Goh

Had a short weekday dinner date with my bf, where he ordered a Delicious Bowl at Haikee, and it was true to its name - all of the meat was very tender and well-seasoned, and went well with the rest of the dishes. Comfort food with a flavourful twist!

Decided to come back to Fro Roll for some post-dinner desert and tried two more awesome flavours, Salted Caramel and Earl Grey, which are both creamy and delicious. Was a sweet way to end the weekend :)

Had a nice surprise birthday lunch with my bf at Salt Grill & Sky Bar, where we ordered the set lunch - the highlight was the salmon, which was a nice balance of sweet and salty. The staff also gave amazing service, and the view from the restaurant of Singapore city was very memorable as well. Worth the experience!

Ordered a Truffle Salmon Scrambled for a post-workout brunch with my bf, eggs were perfectly fluffy on a well-toasted multigrain bread and the salmon was not overdone. Both delicious and filling :)

Was surprised by my bf with a birthday dinner at Aura, where my favourite dish was the gnocchi carbonara - it was perfectly flavoured and cooked, a little bit on the doughy side but that was all right with us. Service at the restaurant was great and the staff were very meticulous and welcoming. A good place to try for Italian food lovers!

Decided to get some ice cream rolls on a simple random date with my bf and it was fun to see the ice cream rolls being made - my favourite (and in my opinion the best) flavour is Thai Milk Tea ^^ worth a try for ice cream lovers

Got some Poofy Pancakes (among many other great foods available) with my bf on a double date, the pancakes do feel like sweet clouds in your mouth as you eat them + the berries and fruits are very complementary to the main dish of pancakes. Travelled far to finally try this but worth the effort :)

food-ventures are the best type of adventures

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