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My Food Trail

My Food Trail

Featuring Legendary Hong Kong, Chunky Lobsters (The Cathay), Casa Roma, Adam Road Food Centre, Supulae Korean BBQ (숯불애)
Cherise <3
Cherise <3

Bananas are finally still in stock! As they are usually sold out by the afternoon. Delish avo-banana smoothie. Very smooth, thick and flavorful. However, I taste more banana than avocado. Overall, still a great treat, will reorder!

Delicious avocado choc milk shake! Yummy, consistency is not too thick or watery, creamy and smooth. Weekly fav! <3
Must try! Will drink this over bubble tea any day!

Great meal for quick bite. Sumptuous lobster, enough for one, if you're a small eater. Portion size was decent for the the deal at 2 for $29. Otherwise, it will be too pricey. You get a whole pincer of lobster flesh. Decadent and tender in a soft buttered bun. Lobster bisque was delish and flavourful, though a tad salty for me. Drink options were limited with only iced lemon tea or 100 plus, no water.

Ambience: 3/5. Good for groups
Food: 3.5/5.

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Refreshing watermelon soursop juice! Just right, not diluted. Refreshingly sweet, with just a hint of sour. Complements the watermelon well.

Simple looking pasta, but tastes absolutely amazing! Very flavourful, there's fish roe.
Pizza is of a generous portion. Enough for two. Thin crust pizza was soft and chewy enough with the right amount of bite. It's unlike other thin crust pizzas, which crusts are too hard. Tasty cheese, overall flavours complement each other very well. Will re-order!

Fuyong omelette filled with shrimp, generous amounts of onions, and spring onion. It's tasty, fragrant, succulent and not soggy. White rice- a little on the dry side, but has a certain quality that makes it worthwhile eating.

Scrumptious korean BBQ at Tanjong pagar. Staff grills the food for you. Hot tip: wrap the delicious meat with the grilled onions and garlic in the cabbage leaves for a treat that's both tasty and refreshing! Yum! Had korean kimchi soup and korean steam egg in the set. Comes with 6 side dishes. Kimchi side dish was a little sweet, not too spicy, palatable. Rating 4.5/5. Will return! ~$46 for 2 pax inclusive of gst for set.